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The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

The Lord of the Rings Mod: Bringing Middle-Earth to Minecraft adds a number of new equipment sets to the game.  Many of these are unique to certain factions, while others simply use mod-specific ores.

AxeElven.png Equipment Sets in Middle-earth PickaxeDolGuldur.png

SwordArnor.png ArnorianBattleaxeBlueDwarven.png Blue DwarvenPikeDale.png DalishSwordDolAmroth.png Dol AmrothSpear of Bladorthin.png Dorwinion ElvenMattockDwarven.png Dwarven
LongspearElven.png GaladhrimHammerGondor.png GondorianSwordHighElven.png LindonBattleaxeLossarnach.png LossarnachAxeMallorn.png Mallorn
TridentPelargir.png PelargirSwordRivendell.png RivendellLanceRohan.png RohirricHammerTauredain.png TaurethrimPolearmWoodElven.png Wood-elven

Angmar Dagger.png AngmarMaceBlackNumenorean.png Black NúmenóreanBattleaxeBlackUruk.png Black UrukCorsair Harpoon.png CorsairBattleaxeDolGuldur.png Dol Guldur
DunlendingClub.png DunlendingGulfen Khopesh.png GulfenHammerGundabadUruk.png Gundabad UrukBattleaxeHalfTroll.png Half-trollHaradric Pike.png Haradric
ScimitarOrc.png MordorMorwaith Spear.png MorwaithRhûnic Sword.png RhûnicUmbaric Scimitar.png UmbaricScimitarUrukBerserker.png UrukBattleaxeUtumno.png Utumno

Not Faction Specific:

Ancient Sword.png AncientSwordBronze.png Bronze • Gold • Iron • HalberdMithril.png Mithril

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