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Featured Articles are articles that the Wiki's staff consider to be the best articles that this wiki has to offer. They are marked with the image of the small Mithril Ingot (Mithril Ingot) in the top right corner, and by the fact that they are under the featured articles category.


To be considered a featured article, an article must meet the following:

  1. It must follow the Wiki Style Guide.
  2. It must not be a stub.
  3. It must not be a user's profile page, or a sub-page thereof (i.e. Glflegolas' article on Grond cannot be considered a featured article).
  4. The punctuation, spelling, and grammar must be good.
  5. The page needs to have at least one image.
  6. It should be readable on a mobile device (doesn't have to be perfect, but shouldn't break any wiki syntax).
  7. The page needs to be promoted to or approved by the moderators or administrators.

If you feel that an article on the wiki should be considered a featured article, post it on the featured pages board. If you get enough votes by the staff there, they will either approve or reject your nomination.

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