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There are many fair realms to be found in Middle-earth, even during the War of the Ring. Most of what makes such biomes so beautiful is the abundance of flowers to be found. In addition to the vanilla flowers that spawn here, the Mod also adds more types of flowers from the Lord of the Rings books.


Some flowers are exclusive to a specific biome (like the Asphodel of Ithilien), many grow in specific regions of Middle-Earth (like the Chrysanthemum of the east) and some are thriving almost anywhere on the vast continent (like the Bluebell). All flowers that are considered 'common' are summarized on the 'Common Vegetation' page where also info on their occurence is provided. Flowers that only grow in a handful of biomes, are not considered common vegetation. Their occurence specifically mentioned on the respective biome pages.


Besides being pretty to look at, many flowers can also be used to craft dyes, brew drinks, make Ent draught, and be planted into Pot flower pots or gardens for decoration. Some even activate portals. They grow in great abundance in flower biome variants.

Note, that before Public Beta 27 some flowers yielded two pieces of dye. After that, the same rule, like for vanilla flowers applies: Single-heigh flowers yield one piece, double-heigh flowers two pieces of dye.

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