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The Lord of the Rings Mod adds a huge variety of food items to the game, ranging from mangoes in Far Harad to elvish waybread in the various elven biomes.

There are two major changes concerning food compared to the vanilla game:

  • The food bar decreases more slowly.
  • Food can be eaten at any time, regardless of how full the player's food bar is.

Both features can be toggled in the configuration file.

The Stats of the Mod Foods
Item Restores Saturation Materials
Banana Bread Banana Bread 5 (5food) 6 (6bread) Wheat, Banana
Bread Bread 5 (5food) 6 (6bread) Wheat
Corn Bread Corn Bread 5 (5food) 6 (6bread) Raw Corn
Cram Cram 8 (8food) 16 (10bread6bread) Wheat, Sugar
Lembas Lembas 20 (10food10food) 20 (10bread10bread) Uncraftable
Maggoty Bread Maggoty Bread 4 (4food) 4 (4bread) Wheat
Olive Bread Olive Bread 5 (5food) 6 (6bread) Wheat, Olive
Banana Cake BananaCake 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Banana, Egg, Milk
Cake CakeIcon 7 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Egg, Sugar, Milk
Lemon Cake LemonCake 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Lemon, Sugar, Milk
Apple Crumble Apple Crumble 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Apple, Sugar, Milk
Berry Pie BerryPie 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Berry, Milk
Cherry Pie CherryPie 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Cherry, Sugar, Milk
Dalish Pastry Dalish Pastry 6 x 2 (2food) .4 (0bread) Wheat, Raisins, Maple Syrup, Egg, Milk
Hobbit Pancake Pancake 5 (5food) 6 (6bread) Egg, Milk, Wheat, Maple Syrup (optional)
Marchpane Marchpane Varies Varies Almonds, Sugar
Mushroom Pie Mushroom Pie 8 (8food) 4.8 (5bread) Egg, red+brown Mushroom
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie 8 (8food) 4.8 (5bread) Pumpkin, Egg, Milk
Almond Almond 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Apples Apples 4 (4food) 2 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Banana Banana 2 (2food) 2 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Berries Berries 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Cherry Cherry 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Date Date 2 (2food) 1.2 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Grapes Grapes 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Lemon Lemon 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Lime Lime 2 (2food) .8 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Mango Mango 2 (2food) 2.4 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Melon Melon 2 (2food) 1.2 (1bread) Raw Plant Product
Olives Olives 1 (1food) .2 (0bread) Raw Plant Product
Orange Orange 4 (4food) 2.4 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Pear Pear 4 (4food) 2.4 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Plum Plum 4 (4food) 2.4 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Pomegranate Pomegranate 4 (4food) 2.4 (2bread) Raw Plant Product
Beef/Steak Beef 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Camel Meat CamelMeat 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Cooked Animal Product
Chicken Chicken 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Cooked Animal Product
Gammon Gammon 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Porkchop, Salt
Kebab Kebab 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Lion Meat LionMeat 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Man-flesh Man-flesh 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Raw NPC Product
Mutton Mutton 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Porkchop Porkchop 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Rabbit Meat RabbitMeat 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Cooked Animal Product
Rhino Meat RhinoMeat 7 (7food) 5.6 (6bread) Cooked Animal Product
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh 4 (4food) .8 (1bread) Cooked or Raw NPC Product
Suspicious Meat Suspicious Meat 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Rotten Flesh, Salt
Venison Venison 8 (8food) 12.8 (10bread3bread) Cooked Animal Product
Zebra Meat ZebraMeat 6 (6food) 7.2 (7bread) Cooked Animal Product

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