And it came to pass that the masons of the house of Finwë, quarrying in the hills after stone (for they delighted in the building of high towers), first discovered the earth-gems, and brought them forth in countless myriads; and they devised tools for the cutting and shaping of gems, and carved them in many forms. They hoarded them not, but gave them freely, and by their labour enriched all Valinor.

The Silmarillion

Gems are special items that can be used for trading, or simply for display. They come in several varieties: amber, amethyst, coral, diamond*, emerald*, opal, pearl, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. All of these can be crafted into decorative blocks.

Gems marked with a * are Middle-Earth replacements of Vanilla versions, and cannot be used for the same purposes as their Vanilla counterparts.



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