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Ingots are items created from the smelting of ores. They can be used to craft many metallic objects. In this category, you'll find a list of all the ingots that you can make (or find) in Middle-earth.

Black Uruk Steel Ingot[]

Black Uruk Steel is an ingot used to make Black Uruk armour and Black Uruk equipment, They can be made by smelting Morgul Iron (or ore) and Durnor in an Orc forge. It is considered to be largely useless to most good-aligned players, unless it is used to fix a piece of Black Uruk equipment to sell to an evil player on a multiplayer server.

Blue Dwarven Steel Ingot[]

Blue Dwarven Steel is made in the Dwarven forge by alloying luigon stone and iron ingots or iron ore. It can then be used to make Blue Dwarven armour and tools, which have similar durability to items made of normal Dwarven Steel from the Iron Hills. However, because luigon is a lot easier to obtain than coal, Blue Dwarven Steel is cheaper than Dwarven Steel – that is, as long as you're in the Blue Mountains.

Bronze Ingot[]

Bronze ingots are used to make bronze equipment and armour. They can also be used to make bronze chandeliers. The stats for bronze are slightly worse than iron. Other important uses for bronze are the Horn of Command, the Sword of Command and the bronze block to banner-protect a small area. Upon obtaining bronze, the player gets the achievement "Bronze Award". Bronze ingots can be either crafted on a vanilla crafting table or by using a Dwarven or Orc forge. Place a copper ingot and a tin ingot into the crafting area in any arrangement to create two bronze ingots. You can also smelt them by putting the tin ore or ingot in the alloy slot above the copper ore or ingot, or vice versa in the Dwarven or Orc forge.

Copper Ingot[]

Copper ingots are produced from the smelting of copper ore in any furnace or forge. Their main use, along with tin, is in the making of bronze. As with other ingots, copper can be crafted into a metal block for storage or decoration purposes.

Dwarven Steel Ingot[]

Dwarven Steel is the basis for all Dwarven tools and weapons. It can only be made by smelting iron ore and coal together in the Dwarven forge, meaning you'll have to locate a Dwarven Mine in order to get it, although the forge can be found in mines located in the Blue Mountains as well. However, because you won't be able to find a Dwarven crafting table in the Blue Mountains, a better bet is to go with Blue Dwarven steel and make Blue Dwarven equipment instead. Dwarven Steel is used in order to craft Dwarven equipment, using normal crafting patterns on the Dwarven crafting table. Tools and weapons made with Dwarven Steel are sturdy and will not break easily, although they work slightly slower than iron.

Elven Steel Ingot[]

Elven Steel is the basic ingredient in all Elven Equipment and Elven Armour. It is also used in crafting elven steel bars and chandeliers. Elven Steel is an alloy made in the Elven Forge. It is made by alloying iron ingots or iron ore with coal.

It is used to make High Elven, Galadhrim and Wood-Elven equipment and armour, elven steel bars, and chandeliers. Like other metals and crystals, Elven Steel can also be stored in a block by putting 9 Elven steel ingots in a vanilla crafting table.

Galvorn Ingot[]

Galvorn Ingots are made in a Dwarven forge by smelting iron ore with Edhelmir in the alloy slot. They can then be crafted on one of the four Elven crafting tables to create Galvorn armour. Galvorn ingots, like other ingots, can also be stored in a Galvorn block.

Gold Ingot[]

Gold ingots are a metal which is used to craft the second tier of armour, and the first of tools. They can also be crafted into a gold block to banner-protect a large area.

Iron Ingot[]

An iron ingot is an item in the LotR mod that was originally found in vanilla Minecraft. Iron ingots can be most easily obtained by mining iron ore, which can be found in most biomes, with the exception of Mordor, Angmar, and Dol Guldur. In addition, it can sometimes be found when slaying a Blacksmith of Rohan or Gondor, or in chests of Ruined Houses and many other generated structures. An iron ingot can obviously be crafted into the standard vanilla items.

However, the most important use of iron in this mod is for making most faction equipment. This equipment is a lot more durable than normal iron equipment, and also looks a lot more interesting, although you will have to get +1 alignment with the faction of your choice in order to make your equipment, and use that faction's crafting table. Iron ingots, or iron ore, are also involved in the production of Dwarven Steel, Blue Dwarven Steel, and Galvorn ingots. To make these alloys, you'll need a Dwarven forge and the proper alloy ingredients. If you've got chests full of iron that you simply want to get rid of, you can always sell it to the Blacksmith of Rohan or Gondor, who will pay you money for each ingot.

Mithril Ingot[]

Mithril is the most powerful, expensive and rare ingot in the game. It can make the strongest armour and tools that are even more powerful than its diamond counterparts (which cannot be found in Middle-earth anymore). Mithril ingots come from mithril ore, which can only be found in the Misty Mountains at layer 16 or below, and can only be mined using a iron pickaxe or better. When it is mined, mithril ore drops the ore block, not the ingot. It can be smelted into an ingot using a Dwarven forge.

Mithril can also be very rarely obtained as loot from chests in Dwarven Mines. Nine mithril nuggets can be consumed to craft one mithril ingot. Mithril nuggets are sometimes found as loot in various structures, including Hobbit holes and underwater Elven ruins. Mithril ingots are used to craft mithril equipment, armour, chandeliers, trimmed Dwarven bricks, crossbows and for trimmed Dwarven armour.

Morgul Steel Ingot[]

Morgul Steel ingots are used in the crafting of Morgul Blades and armour. They can be produced in the Orc forge by alloying Orc Steel (or Morgul Iron ore) with Gulduril crystals. The ingot resembles an Orc Steel ingot with a greenish glow.

Orc Steel Ingot[]

Orc Steel ingots are ingots of the metal that Mordor, Angmar, and Dol Guldur Orcs use to make their equipment and armour. Orc Steel ingots can be obtained by smelting Morgul Iron ore in the Orc forge. Good-aligned players can obtain Orc Steel ingots on occasion by killing Orcs. Olog-hai will also sometimes drop Orc Steel ingots upon death. Orc Steel ingots can also be found as loot in Orc tents.

To players with a good alignment, the ingots are largely useless, as they require the use of the Morgul, Dol Guldur, or Angmar crafting table to make anything of use. They can still be used to repair captured Orc equipment and armour or Utumno weapons and armour on an anvil. Evil players can craft Orc armour and equipment with these ingots using the Morgul crafting table. The result will have the same stats as vanilla iron. Additionally, the ingots can be used to craft Angmar armour and equipment on the Angmar crafting table or Dol Guldur armour and equipment on a Dol Guldur crafting table.

Silver Ingot[]

Silver ingots are the result of smelting silver ore and can be used in a number of crafting recipes. However, what makes it most valuable is that it can be crafted into silver nuggets which then can be crafted into silver coins, a necessity when trading or hiring units. Silver ingots can also be stored in groups of nine by crafting them into silver blocks and used to banner-protect a medium-sized area. Unlike other metals, silver cannot be crafted into armour or weapons.

Tin Ingot[]

Tin ingots are produced from the smelting of tin ore in any furnace or forge. Their main use lies in the making of bronze, but they are notably also used in the crafting of clay mugs. As with other ingots, tin can be crafted into a mineral block for storage or decoration purposes.

Uruk Steel Ingot[]

Uruk Steel ingots are used to craft all the weapons, tools, and armour used by Saruman's Uruks. It is made by alloying iron (ingots or ore) with coal in the Orc forge. Sometimes, Uruk Steel drops when an Uruk is slain by the player. It is considered to be largely useless to most good-aligned players – unless it is used to fix a piece of Uruk equipment to sell to an evil player on a multiplayer server. Uruk Steel is the main material used to make Uruk armour, Uruk equipment and Warg armour. The recipes for crafting the armour and equipment are the same as those used for crafting most types of armour and equipment, except that the player will have to do their crafting on an Uruk crafting table.

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