The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

Middle-Earth can be a rather hard place to survive in empty-handed. That's why the Lord of the Rings Mod adds many items to your game. Items that you'll find in the game range from tools and weapons to food and more. Basically, anything added by the Lord of the Rings Mod that you can put in your inventory but can't place by right-clicking is considered to be an item.

There are many sub-types of items; see the links below for more information.

Items in the Lord of the Rings Mod

AlcoholAlloysAmmunitionAnimal HideArmourBonesBrewing Ingredients
Ent DraughtEquipmentFoodDrinksIngotsMaterialsNuggetsWeapons

Many items can be bought from or sold to traders, so trading items can be a good way to make money. Most of the items in the mod can be crafted, but there are some that cannot.

Some types of items, such as weapons and armour, can receive attributes when they are crafted or found in the world, which may alter their properties, for better or worse.

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