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Among other features, the Lord of the Rings mod adds many light sources to Minecraft.

Here is a list of Middle-earth light sources, as well as corresponding light levels and additional information.

Note: This list does not include every vanilla light source, but only those obtainable in the Middle-earth dimension without cheats. For a complete list of vanilla light sources, see here.

Item Name Image Light Level Factions
Torch Torch 14 Any
Glowstone Block - 15 Good, Dwarvish
Jack o'Lantern - 15 Any
Lava Lava Bucket 15 Any
Fire - 15 Any
Block of Edhelmir QuenditeBlock 11 Good, Elvish
Block of Durnaur NauriteBlock 7 Evil, Mordor
Block of Gulduril GuldurilBlock 11 Evil, Orcish
Durnaur Ore Naurite Ore 7 Evil, Mordor
Edhelmir Ore EdhelmirOre 11 Good, Elvish
Glowstone Ore Glowstone Ore 11 Good, Dwarvish
Gulduril Ore GuldurilOre 11 Evil, Orcish
Gulduril Brick Variants GuldurilGondorBrickVariants 11 Evil, Orcish
Glowing Ice Utumno Bricks Glowing Ice Utumno Brick 12 Any, Utumno
Burning Utumno Brick Burning Utumno Brick 12 Any, Utumno
Fiery Obsidian Utumno Brick Fiery Obsidian Utumno Brick 12 Any, Utumno
Beacon of Gondor (when lit) Beacon of Gondor 15 Good, Gondor
Forge (of any kind, when lit) Alloy Forge 13 Any
Corrupt Mallorn Sapling Corrupt Mallorn Sapling 9 Evil, Orcish
Chandelier Chandelier bronze 14 Any
Mallorn Torch Mallorn Torch 13 Good, Galadhrim
Wood-elven Torch Wood-elven Torch 14 Good, Wood-elves
High Elven Torch High Elven Torch 13 Good, High Elves
Morgul Torch Morgul Torch 13 Evil, Orcish
Orc Torch Orc Torch 14 Evil, Orcish
Taurethrim Torch Taurethrim Torch 14 Good, Taurethrim
Morgul Portal MorgulPortal 13 Evil, Mordor
Elven Portal ElvenPortal 13 Good, Galadhrim

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