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Near Harad traders are the various NPCs aligned with Near Harad that can trade with the player. In earlier versions of the mod (before Update 34) there were only one group of stationary traders (Southron Traders), as well as the travelling Merchant of Harad, but these were removed in favour of traders for each of the new sub-factions.

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Bazaar Traders[]

You can find all of these traders in bazaars in the various Near Harad Settlements. Trading with any of these traders grants the achievement "Desert Riches". Note that not every subfaction has every type of trader.


Bakers typically buy wheat, sugar, salt, eggs, buckets, and a few different types of fruits. They sell breads and pastries.

UmbarBaker.png CoastSouthronBaker.png GulfingBaker.png HarnedorBaker.png


These folks buy many kinds of brewing ingredients, and sell many kinds of drinks, in vessels or barrels.

UmbarBrewer.png CoastSouthronBrewer.png GulfingBrewer.png HarnedorBrewer.png NomadBrewer.png


Butchers buy tools for their trade, like daggers, leads, and salt, and sell raw meats and some other animal products.

UmbarButcher.png CoastSouthronButcher.png GulfingButcher.png HarnedorButcher.png


Fishmongers buy oak planks and sticks, iron and buckets, string, daggers and salt; they sell fishing rods and boats, all types of raw fish, and other fishing treasures like pearls, ink sacs, and even old wet leather boots.

UmbarFishmonger.png CoastSouthronFishmonger.png GulfingFishmonger.png HarnedorFishmonger.png


These floral conossieurs sell flowers from Harad and around the world, most notably the rare black irises and Morgul-shrooms. They buy hoes, bonemeal, buckets, and sometimes a few gems.

UmbarFlorist.png CoastSouthronFlorist.png


Goldsmiths buy gold (ingots and nuggets) and all manner of gems, and sell various articles of fine metallurgy.

UmbarGoldsmith.png CoastSouthronGoldsmith.png GulfingGoldsmith.png


Huntsmen buy weapons, arrows, sticks and string, and sell raw meats and other animal drops.

GulfingHuntsman.png HarnedorHuntsman.png


The mighty lumbermen buy axes, bonemeal, shears and buckets, and sell logs, planks, leaves and saplings from many different types of trees.

UmbarLumberman.png CoastSouthronLumberman.png GulfingLumberman.png HarnedorLumberman.png


Miners buy picks, torches, and buckets, and sell ores, gems and lava.

UmbarMiner.png CoastSouthronMiner.png GulfingMiner.png HarnedorMiner.png NomadMiner.png


Stonemasons buy cooked food, picks, and torches for their work, and sell different types of stone, and various Haradric bricks.

UmbarStonemason.png CoastSouthronStonemason.png GulfingStonemason.png HarnedorStonemason.png NomadStonemason.png


Bartenders love to hang out and chat with positive or neutral players. They have plenty of silver coin for the traveller who's got raw meats, dishes, and brewing ingredients (and of course salt), and plenty of food and drink for those wishing to stay around a while in their homely taverns.

Trading with any of the Haradric Bartenders gives the achievement "That Southron Atmosphere".

UmbarBartender.png CoastSouthronBartender.png GulfingBartender.png HarnedorBartender.png


Farmers are found in farm structures and bazaars. They buy hoes, bonemeal, and buckets, and sell many different types of crops, and wool, leads, and branding irons. Trading with any Haradric farmer gives the achievement "Slave Economy".

Unlike other farmers of the world, three of these farmers do not hire out farmhands to the player. Only the Harnennor Farmer lets you hire Haradric farmhands if you have +50 alignment. If you're neutral, but still want to enslave people to do your farming, go to that other guy.

UmbarFarmer.png CoastSouthronFarmer.png GulfingFarmer.png HarnedorFarmer.png


These fellows buy ingots, coal, leather, and gems, and sell armour and weapons from their subfaction. They are also capable of repairing and reforging your faction gear. They require +50 Near Harad alignment to interact with them.

Each smith gives a different achievement when you trade with them.

They are not only found in their respective smithies, but also in bazaars.

UmbarBlacksmith.png CoastSouthronBlacksmith.png GulfingBlacksmith.png HarnedorBronzesmith.png NomadArmourer.png

Traveling Traders[]

The Merchant of Harad and the Nomad Merchant are traveling traders which appear periodically throughout much of the world, especially Harad. They are the only evil-aligned traveling traders. They both sell Haradric equipment and buy gems, but they are also appreciated for their good deals on wheat, tropical items, and fruits.

HaradMerchant.png NomadMerchant.png

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