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Pages in this category are generally fine in terms of content, writing, and detail, but one or more images on the page is out-of-date. This category is separate from the Marked for Review category, in order to help contributors know what is needed.

To put a page into this category, use the template {{NewImageNeeded|Reason}}

which will create:

FangornPlant silver150.png
This Article/Section needs a new image!

After you fix this article, please remove this template.

FangornPlant silver150.png

and automatically put any pages with this template into this category. Only put the template at the top of the page, above the infobox.

Please see the Wiki Style Guide for guidelines on adding pictures.

Block pages that Need Isometric Images:[]

This chart is supposed to be a comprehensive list of all pages requiring isometric screenshots with backgrounds removed. These can be taken fairly easily with the Mineshot mod, a link to which can be found on our homepage. If you notice a page that could use such a screenshot, please place a new entry in the table below.

Pagename Number Required Blocks Included
Walls 1 Every wall added by the mod

All items (20)