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Although the mod is designed to be as close to Tolkien's works as possible, there are some areas in which more additions are needed. Of course, huge care and effort is put in to make sure that these additions 'fit in' and do not detract from Tolkien's epic.

Many of these things are small additions such as flowers and animals that, although never mentioned in the books, would fit in and create a more realistic environment. Some are just names of things that one would imagine existing but again was not mentioned.

Things not included:[]

  • Anything that exists in this world but was not mentioned in the books (Aurochs, Flax etc.) is considered canon as it is real and probably existed in Middle-earth, as it was written as a history of our world.
  • Some things, such as crafting tables and the Sword of Command etc., that are not canon have been added because Minecraft is a game and some things do not work exactly as they would in real life. E.g. in real life a commander would shout commands to his troops but in-game this is near-impossible if not impossible and so gameplay-enhancing elements have been added.
  • Obviously any pages not about the mod's content (e.g. the FAQ and pages about both wiki and Facebook staff) are not included.

Basically the things included here are inventions by the mod team that do not exist in Middle-Earth or our world.

Please note the following:[]

  • Half-trolls were mentioned in the Return of the King but whether they were actual 'half-trolls' or not was debatable, the issue is included in the Half-troll page.
  • Although specific plants in Fangorn were not mentioned, they were added as the most realistic way to create Ent Draughts, which are canon.
  • The inhabitants of Far Harad were never described or explored in detail so, instead of leaving this huge area out, additions have been made to ensure that it is not a boring, grassy waste. Such additions include wildlife like lions, and men like the Morwaith and Taurethrim.
  • The new rock types (Gondor Rock, Mordor Rock, Rohan Rock, Luigon and Cargon) were added to reflect the lands that they are found in. For example, to stop all of the mountain ranges from looking the same, the White Mountains, the Red Mountains, the Mordor mountains and the Blue Mountains have all been given new rock types that reflect their names, as this is probably the reason for their naming.
  • Gulduril Ore and Edhelmir Ore have been added so that there is a way to make Galvorn Ingots and Morgul Steel, as the method was never revealed as to how either were made. Morgul steel was never made but it is logical that Morgul blades would be made from a different material. Durnor Ore has been added as a material to use as the 'fires of Mordor' and can therefore be made into orc torches and used as a fuel.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Gundabad Uruks are canon. They represent the Black Uruks of Moria, which were mentioned in the Fellowship of the Ring, as well as the Bodyguards of Bolg from The Hobbit.

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