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Ranged units are NPC's that fight using one of the mod's ranged weapons. Note that some ranged units can also be melee units.


Ranged units, unlike melee units, are capable of attacking units from a distance, and can be especially dangerous to players or NPC's that don't have access to a ranged weapon, as each shot will knock the entity backwards, making it hard for a melee fighter to hit the ranged unit without taking a lot of damage. However, ranged weapons tend to not have as great an attack strength as the corresponding melee units (though there are some exceptions), making them more vulnerable in close combat than melee units.

Most ranged units start shooting from 10 blocks away or so, though some, including the Elves shoot from farther away. If a unit gets too close to them, the ranged unit will attempt to back away, all the while shooting at the attacker. This is especially dangerous when the ranged unit is mounted on a horse, as in the case of the mighty bowmen of Rohan and the Easterlings, as the fast movement speed of the ranged unit can make it nearly impossible for a melee unit to land a hit.


The following is a sample of the damage dealt by various ranged units.

Unit Damage Notes
Hobbit Bounder 2 ( 2 ) Weakest ranged attack of any unit
Orc archers 3.5 ( 3.5 )
Most mannish archers 3.5 ( 3.5 )
Black Uruk Archer, Utumno Orc Archer 4 ( 4 )
Elven Archers 4 ( 4 ) Feature longer-ranged attacks than any other unit in the mod
Hill-troll 5 ( 5 )
Gundabad Orc Archer 5 ( 5 ) If wielding a crossbow.
Uruk-hai Crossbower 5.5 ( 5.5 )
Dunlending Axe-thrower, Rhudaur Hillman Axe-thrower 6 ( 6 ) Strongest ranged attack of any evil unit
Dwarf Axe-Thrower, Blue Mountains Axe-thrower 7 ( 7 ) Strongest ranged attack of any unit, period.

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