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This mod adds a whole new trading system that is far more useful and expansive than the emerald-based one in Vanilla. This system uses silver coins as a currency, which can be used to buy all manner of goods from traders scattered all over the world. The players may also sell their own items to obtain more silver coins.

The following is a list of all the traders, good or evil, that can be found in the mod. Note that the player will not be able to trade with one of the NPCs below if he/she has a negative alignment with that NPC's faction. In fact, some NPCs, particularly ones that allow you to hire units, won't allow the player to trade until he/she has a certain amount of positive alignment for the respective faction.

A special type of trader, called a travelling trader, does not stay in one structure. They travel the expanse of Middle-Earth, visit a variety of different biomes, and sell wares from their homeland. Click here to find a list travelling traders in this mod.

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