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All the vessels as of Public Beta 33.

Vessels are hollow containers, especially used to hold liquid. Most of them were added to the Mod in the Public Beta 29 update. They can be empty or hold any kind of drink.

There are some vessels that work differently than those described on this page:

There are different ways to fill a vessel:

  • You can right-click on cows or water sources like you would in Vanilla Minecraft using buckets.
  • You can right-click a filled barrel to get out one serving.
  • You can right-click a filled vessel placed in the world to transfer its contents to a vessel you are currently holding.
  • You can craft a vessel with ingredients to fill it with a beverage such as apple juice.

What you can do with full vessels:

  • When you right-click a solid block with a vessel, full or empty, you place it down, except for the waterskin, which is not placeable.
  • When you right-click a full vessel placed in the world with something else other than a vessel, you drink its contents.
  • When you right-click the air with a vessel in your hand, you drink its contents.
  • If you are holding a full vessel and right-click an empty vessel placed in the world, you transfer the contents of the vessel you are currently holding to that in the world.
  • If a trader buys drinks, only a mug is shown. Nevertheless, neither the potency of the drink nor the vessel you sell it in matters.

How to poison drinks:

Buying Drinks[]

When buying drinks from a trader, the type of vessel containing the drink affects the price. Each vessel adds a certain number of coins to the base price of the drink. The following list shows how much each vessel adds to the cost:

Vessel Extra Price Image
Wooden Mug 0 Mug.png
Ceramic Mug 1 ( 1 ) CeramicMug.png
Golden Goblet 10 ( 10 ) GobletGold.png
Silver Goblet 8 ( 8 ) GobletSilver.png
Copper Goblet 5 ( 5 ) GobletCopper.png
Wooden Cup 0 GobletWood.png
Skull Cup 3 ( 3 ) SkullCup.png
Wine Glass 3 ( 3 ) Wine Glass.png
Glass Bottle 2 ( 2 ) GlassBottle.png
Waterskin 0 Waterskin.png
Ale Horn 5 ( 5 ) AleHorn.png
Golden Ale Horn 8 ( 8 ) AleHornGold.png

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