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The Cerinrim (Sindarin: mound-host) are the most bloodthirsty and warlike of the tribes of Far Harad, the inhabitants of the Far Harad Bushlands. They are not currently part of the mod, though they may be added in the future.


The Cerinrim descended from the Plains Peoples, one of the original Far Haradrim tribes, which inhabited the wide, open lands of Far Harad. Over time, those that dwelt in the grasslands became the Morwaith, while those of the bushlands diverged, becoming the Cerinrim. Once, the Cerinrim were just as scattered and fractuous as the Morwaith, but early in the Second Age a powerful cult seized control of several major tribes.

This cult is believed to have been around since before the Haradrim came south, first spread at the dawn of the First Age by agents of the Shadow that Melkor sent east to bring Men under his sway. At any rate, the Cerinrim of this cult worshipped a brutal God of War, believed to have been inspired by Melkor himself, who constantly demanded live blood sacrifices and victory in war from his followers. This cult went to war with the other Cerinrim tribes, and before long all of the inhabitants of the Bushlands worshipped the War God.

When Sauron started to expand his influence in Haradwaith midway through the Second Age, he approached the Cerinrim, thinking that they would be easy to sway to his side due to their bloodlust. But he underestimated the religious fervor of the Cerinrim - the Warrior-Priests that ruled the Bushlands declared Sauron a false god and rejected his offer, and all who accepted it. It was around this time that the Warrior-Priests declared a holy war against all who did not worship the War God, and began attacking their neighbors.

The Cerinrim are feared by all other inhabitants of Far Harad, for millennia of constant war have made them into fierce, bloodthirsty warriors as a people. The Morwaith that lived near the Bushlands were the first victims of the Cerinrim's endless war, and the Taurethrim Empire was constantly engaged in skirmishes with Cerinrim war-parties in the southernmost parts of the jungles. They have preyed on the Morwaith, the Taurethrim, and the Limwaith constantly ever since the Second Age. They hate the Half-Trolls most of all, deeming them abominations of Sauron worthy only to be sacrificed to the War God or slaughtered in battle.


It is likely that the Cerinrim were inspired by the Zulu tribe of South Africa, or the Aztec people of Meso-America, who waged war for similar reasons.

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