Chocolate is a drink that is commonly found in the region of Harad in Middle-Earth.

Value Edit

A cup of hot chocolate provides a decent 6 (6food). Therefore this beverage is a pretty economical way to convert the nutritional value of both cocoa and sugar.

Obtaining Edit

The chocolate can be found in chests in Taurethrim houses, can be purchased from Hobbit Bartenders, Southron Drink Traders and Taurethrim Shamans.

Crafting Edit

To prepare it, put some cocoa beans and a teaspoon of sugar into a vessel filled with milk and stir gently on a vanilla crafting table. You can't use a bucket of milk here, as you can't produce a bucket of chocolate - and who would want to drink a whole bucket of chocolate anyways? The chocolate can only be drunk when you are hungry and it restores 6 (6food).

vanilla crafting recipe
Cocoa Beans
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