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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

A clover is a plant found commonly all over Middle-earth, and can also be grown when bone meal is used on the grass. Similar to all flowers, it takes a single hit to destroy and can be placed on flower pots. In the renewed version of the mod, up to four clovers can be placed onto one block, in a similar way to candles.

Clovers in the Shire.

When in the Shire, there is a very rare chance (1 in 1000 clovers) that you will find a four-leaf clover. In the renewed version only, four-leaved variants can also spawn very rarely outside of the Shire.


Both variants of clovers can be used for decoration and (as of Public Beta 27) for crafting into clover green.

vanilla crafting recipe
Clover Green

However, the rare four-leaf clovers are valuable to bartenders, who will buy them from you for a nifty sum! It will also earn you the achievement "Feeling Lucky?" and the title "Lucky".