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He wondered what the man's name was and where he came from; and if he was really evil of heart, or what lies or threats had led him on the long march from his home; and if he would not really rather have stayed there in peace [...]

The Two Towers, Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

The Coast Southrons are the residents of the Southron Coasts. They are the largest of the peoples of Near Harad, with many great cities and powerful princes. The Coastlings have close ties with their Umbarian neighbors, and have both won victories and suffered oppression alongside them for millennia. However, their cultures haven't been shaped by Númenórean influence nearly as much as those of the Men of Umbar. They are also a much more fractious people, with their loyalties divided between many cities, with the greatest being Ain an-Ahâr and Ajtiaz an-Ahâr. They are undivided, however, in their reverence for Sauron.

Coast Southrons in a town


These NPC's can be found in the Southron Coasts, and will only spawn aboveground. However, they may be found at any time of day or night. They will also spawn in Coastling towns and villages in great numbers.


Coast Southrons will spend their time wandering around, chatting with neutral or friendly players. They are usually passive, and will not attack enemy players unless attacked themselves If they are attacked, they will defend themselves using Umbaric daggers. Because of their lack of armour and weak attack, they rely on their armoured kin to protect them.


These NPC's will often drop bones. They can also drop coins, and the typical civilian drops (wheat, bread, arak, drink vessels) from time to time.


  • One of the names available for the male Coast Southrons is Karseius, who is a Facebook page moderator (known as 'Ninja') and the official modeler for the mod. This privilege is in homage to the fact that he won a Near Harad building contest.
  • The Coast Southrons were renamed in Public Beta 32, being originally called the "Near Haradrim". This was became "Haradrim" is a plural noun with no singular equivalent.



  • You now walk on the green coastlands of Harad, Person.
  • Have you seen the Gardens of Barûphel, Person? They say the flowers there flourish forever.
  • One of my forefathers was once the favourite lover of Queen Barûphel.
  • I used to join the trading ships from Ajtiaz an-Ahâr to visit the Eye of Harad.
  • Welcome, traveller. What brings you to these lands?
  • Do you come to the coasts often, Person?
  • It is not often that folk of the North-west find themselves wandering in our lands.
  • It is rare indeed that we see Men of the North walk freely.
  • I have seen few Men of the North indeed during my days beneath the sun.
  • I would welcome you, Person, but my heart grows uneasy around a traveller from the North.
  • You are a long way from home now, Person.
  • Do you serve the Lord of Mordor?
  • The Eye of him who rules the Dark Land is ever upon us.
  • You must hail from the roads of the Ninzâyanim. Do they let anyone pass these days?
  • It is clear to us: Ain an-Ahâr will pass the test of time.
  • Did you get here by boat or by road?
  • It is clear to us: Ajtiaz an-Ahâr will pass the test of time.
  • Did you get here by boat or by road?
  • If you are looking for a job, we can always use more men in the woods.
  • I have been to the town of Lîpha-tûn, where even the winds carry long-forgotten battlecries.
  • We will never forgive the Adûnâim for their crimes against our people.
  • You are free from the oppression of the North here.
  • The winds will soon change and bring the desert sands upon us.
  • A piece of advice, Person: stay by the rivers if you don't want to get lost.
  • Did you know that our distant kinsmen, the Khopazûlim, reside on the other side of the desert?
  • I love Nurêmin for its lesser size. It keeps its people humble.
  • Cedar is such a lovely type of wood, wouldn't you agree?
  • South, North, East; no matter where we come from, our people will persevere.
  • The Morwaith mercenaries aren't hostile to us. We have fought side by side for generations.
  • The Gate of Fuinur is a terrifying sight, Person. Terrifying indeed.
  • The Corsairs of Umbar have their mind set on victory. I can say that I share those thoughts.
  • The sands have never done me wrong, yet I still long to see the green lands of the North.
  • I would rather be devoted to a false God than risk facing the wrath of Lord Sauron.
  • Ajtiaz an-Ahâr will soon be a worthy competitor to the Eye of Harad, Person.
  • Tawînen still carries the cold waters from the mountains in its streams.
  • The Athrassir makes our lands green, and our trade golden.
  • Why would we bother travelling to Izêm-ulzuz, if the nomads and Morwaith already come to us?
  • There is no place more beautiful in this world than the Gardens of Barûphel.
  • My family has always had an active role in the cause, Person.
  • Hard to imagine the Sand-Usurers picking up arms, but if it ever came to it, they surely would join our ranks.
  • How wicked is Gondor, that even the Morwaith took up arms against them?


  • The desert heat must have addled your brain, Person. We do not suffer your kind here!
  • Curse you, filth-friend of Gondor!
  • Return to the foul lands whence you came!
  • No treachery of the Aphûr-lâi may enter our lands!
  • May the fires of the desert claim you, Person!
  • You chose most unwisely in journeying here.
  • Flee, enemy of Lord Sauron!
  • Your life and your lands shall soon be ours!
  • This is no place for a villain of the North.
  • Fool! What madness drove you into these lands?
  • These lands are not for you. Return to your precious North!
  • Scum! I will feed your bones to the great scorpions!
  • Flee our lands or face our wrath, Person!
  • May the fury of the Sun consume you!
  • Begone, filthy servant of Gondor!
  • My people don't tolerate Adûnâim scum!
  • I shall kill you in the name of the Haradrim!
  • You Gondorian scum are all the same. When will you learn?
  • Your blood must spill!
  • How did you get past Gâth-azrazâin, then?
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