The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

Since Public Beta 25, a new combat system has been included in the mod as an attempt to make it more realistic.

Two new weapon characteristics have been added: Melee speed and melee reach:

  • Melee speed controls the rate at which you can strike at a target. The basic fist strike (empty hand) has a rate of about 0.80 sec per strike (or 1.25 strike per sec). This is equal to a speed of 100%, and is the same as the sword strike. Other weapons have a higher or slower melee speed, as shown in the table below.
  • Melee reach changes the strike range of a melee weapon. The basic fist strike (empty hand) has a reach of about 2 blocks. This equals to 100%, and is the same as the sword strike. Other weapons have a higher or lower melee range, as shown in the table below.

Delay Meter[]

The delay meter, located to the right of the players hotbar, displays the time, until you are ready to strike again. This feature can be disabled via the configuration file.

Summary of melee weapons characteristics[]

Here is the a list of the melee abilities for each melee weapon type in the form of base damage. (B)

Name Melee Damage Melee Speed Melee Reach Average Damage Per Second Special Ability
Sword + B 100% 100% 9.38 HP Block
Spear + B-1 100% 150% 8.13 HP Throwable
Pike + B 65% 200% 6.5 HP N/A
Poleaxe + B 65% 200% 6.09 HP N/A
Battleaxe + B+2 75% 100% 8.91 HP Cutting wood
Hammer + B+3 65% 100% 7.31 HP Knockback
Battlestaff + B 83% 150% 8.3 HP N/A
Warscythe + B 83% 150% 7.78 HP N/A
Mace Varies. 65% 100% 8.53 HP Knockback
Lance +B 50% 200% 5 HP Knockback
Dagger + B-2 150% 75% 10.31 HP Poison and Block
Club + 4.0 65% 100% 4.06 HP Knockback
Trident + 6.0 83% 150% 7.26 HP Fishing
Longspear + B 65% 200% 6.5HP N/A

Summary of ranged weapon characteristics[]

Here is a rounded estimate of ranged weapons. The damage for each weapon type was obtained by creating an average of damage for each weapon type. Unlike in vanilla Minecraft where every bow shot deals 9 ( 9 ), ranged weapon damage per shot in the mod is somewhat random.

The first officially released picture of the combat system

Name Damage Bonus Draw Back Time Range
Spear 1.0 100% 50
Bow varies varies varies
Crossbow 0.4 40% 120
Blowgun 0.25 400% 30

Slings, conkers, exploding termites, and plates can be thrown as quickly as the player can right-click, to a maximum of four throws per second. Throwing axes can in theory be thrown this quickly too, but in practice, the speed at which a player can throw axes is limited by how fast they can switch between hotbar slots.