The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

Like most mods, the Lord of the Rings Mod adds its own configuration file to the Minecraft game. Players are able to change certain gameplay settings through this file.

Editing the mod's config file in Renewed is similar to the Legacy experience. The config file folder is the same - however, the Minecraft Forge configuration system in this version generates three separate config files: a client, a common, and a server config. Singleplayer uses only the client and common configs, whereas multiplayer servers use only the common and server configs. These three config files serve different aspects of the game as summarised in the below table.

Additionally, the file format is slightly different, being a TOML (.toml) file rather than a plain .txt ".cfg" file. Worry not, for these files are still designed to be opened in plain text editors, and the syntax is quite straightforward.

Table of config files
Name In singleplayer game? In multiplayer server? Contents
lotr-client.toml Yes No Client-side settings: visuals, GUI and HUD, sound and ambience, etc.
lotr-common.toml Yes Yes Settings common to both client and server: gameplay mechanics such as drunken speech and whether to enable areas of influence for alignment.
lotr-server.toml No Yes Server-specific settings: administrative features such as whether to force hide or show all players' locations on the map screen.

Accessing the Files

The LotR config can be accessed on a PC by opening the start menu and entering %AppData% into the search. From there, all the player needs to do is the follow the path:

AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > config > lotr-client.toml

The lotr-common.toml file is located in the same directory.

Both of these files can be opened up using Notepad++, Notepad, or a similar plain text editor.

After the player is done editing the file, it must be saved (default "Ctrl + S"). The mod will then run accordingly the next time Minecraft is launched.


On a multiplayer server, the lotr-common.toml file is located within the server root folder as follows:

[server root folder] > config > lotr-common.toml

The lotr-server.toml file, however, is located in a different directory:

[server root folder] > [server world folder] > serverconfig > lotr-server.toml

This is to allow serverside config settings to be world-specific.

Config screen

In Renewed, Minecraft Forge doesn't have a built-in config screen like it did in Legacy (Minecraft 1.7.10).

However, you can get a similar visual experience by installing the Configured mod, developed by MrCrayfish. Nice work!