A Conker is essentially a raw chestnut, which has a chance of dropping when the player breaks chestnut leaves, or it can drop naturally over time from them. Also, this is the first food item to drop naturally from trees in the LotR mod.


Conkers can be roasted into a roast chestnut or it can be thrown, which does 1 HP of damage (1hearts). Notably it drops back as an item and can be reused. You can stack them up to 16.

Conkers cannot be eaten. Right-clicking with it in hand will only throw it.

Note: They make a formidable weapon against non-ranged units, since a stack does 16 damage regardless of armor points and produces a substantial knockback. They're also good weapons for PvP, if your opponent does not have a ranged weapon.

Conkers can be an efficient source of food when travelling throughout Middle Earth, especially if you're just starting out, or have run out of food. They quickly add up when traversing a forest biomes (If the forest contains chestnut trees, and most forests in the north do), and, when cooked into roast chestnut, restores one point of hunger (2food).

Trivia Edit

In real life, conkers and chestnuts are not the same. While the fruit of the chestnut tree, the chestnut, can indeed be roasted and eaten, the name conker refers to the horse-chestnut, which is not edible. Both fruits share a spiky, green shell but the seeds are distinctly different.

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