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The Corsair Captain is a type of corsair that spawns in camps and hideouts in the Corsair Coasts, Umbar, and Tolfalas.

They carry a harpoon in one hand and a silver coin in the other, showing that they are willing to trade with evil players who have positive Near Harad alignment.

Upon hiring a corsair from a captain, the player earns the achievement "Raiding Party".


Corsair captains will stay near their camps and hideouts. Like most trader NPCs, the Corsair captains will not attack until provoked. If they are hit, they will defend themselves with the harpoon.


He spawns in the camps and hideouts in the Corsair Coasts, Umbar, and Tolfalas.


They will most often drop bones, but occasionally they might drop their armour.


If the player has 150+ alignment with the Southrons, he will allow you to hire troops.

Unit Unpledged Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged Cost (Silver Coins) Requires Pledge (Near Harad) Alignment Required (Near Harad)
Corsair of Umbar 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) 10-20 ( 10  to  20 ) No +150



  • Been sailing with these men for many fine years. Ye won't find any better, Person!
  • They've got the scent of silver, Person. They'll find the money in every port!
  • Have ye brought the silver to pay me men?
  • Aye, we don't care that much which side ye're on. Just don't cross us and we should be fine.
  • Me men are sworn to silver, not to Sauron.
  • There be no rules, just guidelines for these men.
  • Have ye got a ship to lead them on, Person? The boys do best on a fine ship.
  • I can hear the silver clinking in yer pockets, like music to me ears!
  • Finest sea-dogs ye can find. Also know how to deal with unruly slaves.
  • Ye better leave some for me, Person!
  • Aye, if you've got the coin, ye can buy some men off of me.
  • Be careful, Person. These men get rowdy if you don't let them fight.


  • Aye, it's true me men don't care that much who we work for, but we do have some standards, Person.
  • I ain't gonna let a land-rat command me proud sea-hounds.
  • Don't see a lubber like yerself capable of handling me men.
  • There ain't no question about it, Person. Were you on our ship ye'd be hangin' off a plank above the Athrassir.
  • Perhaps ye'd be better off trying them Gulfings.
  • Now I ain't saying ye're a Gondorian spy, but ye ain't a Corsair quite yet.
  • Person, don't make it too easy for me, throwin' these insults at ye.
  • Ye're joking? I certainly hope ye're joking.
  • I heard some rumours you called us sea-dogs. Sort that out first, would ye?
  • No thanks, me lads don't follow faithless lubbers.


  • Come 'ere, I'll tear ye a new one!
  • It'll be a watery grave for you!
  • I'm so angry, I lost my accent!
  • Come 'ere, ye land-rat!
  • When I'm done with ye, you'll be thirty feet under and sinkin'!
  • Me blade's all rusty just for you!
  • All that water swirlin' around in yer head!
  • The way ye're walking, can't help but think yer just a poor lubber!
  • I'm sure ye think I'm just a sea-dog, don't ye? Well, you'll be surprised!
  • Azrubêl, guide me strike!
  • I'll fight you to a watery grave!
  • Ye must be from that port I plundered. Not had enough, have ye?
  • Aye, look at that, a rebel!
  • By Azrubêl, this lubber thinks he can beat me in combat!
  • The waves take ye! Nothing can withstand me might!
  • Lubbers always think they stand a chance, don't they?
  • Foul seaweed piece o' land-rat that ye are!
  • I'll be sure to scrub you o'er the corals, filth!
  • Bleedin' barnacle-head o' a mother's rotten canyon, I'll stab ye dead!
  • May the fish feed on yer rotten corpse, Person!
  • Ye think ye're getting away with that? Ye must be one of the dumbest lubbers I've met!
  • Aye, I knew ye'd betray us. Could smell that filthy Adûnâim stink wherever ye walked!
  • I've been round Topaz Bay. Ye can't do me any worse than what the Gulfings tried!
  • Any last words for yer old love before I show her what's happened to ye?
  • I've been drinkin', but even four of ye won't be a problem!
  • Come 'ere, ye useless lubber!
  • Come an' get what ye deserve, ye stinkin' lubber!
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