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Corsair Slavers are responsible for selling slaves taken captive during raids. They carry a Branding Iron in one hand to "mark" slaves and a silver coin in the other, showing that they are willing to trade with evil players who have at least neutral Near Harad alignment.

Upon hiring a slave, the player gets the achievement "Corsair's Cruelty"


You can buy slaves from Corsair slavers for 80 ( 80 ) silver coins, provided that you have at least +0 alignment to Near Harad.



  • Slavery? It's what they deserve.
  • I don't care where ye're from, Person. If ye want to buy me slaves, all ye need is coin.
  • Reputation don't do much for me, so what about silver instead, ey?
  • Everyone can be bought, Person. Literally, in our case.
  • If ye've got a mind to buy these lads and set 'em free, we'll get our hands on 'em again quick enough.
  • These men are broken. They'll do anything ye ask of them!
  • I got this fresh batch from Pinnath Gelin. I'll give them to ye at a fair price.
  • Aye, I used to be from the North meself. Turned out that them renegades had it right all along.
  • Are ye here to buy, or just to enjoy the view? Fine by me either way.
  • I can tell ye're looking for some strong workers. I got them!
  • It ain't just Adûnâim scum we've broken for ye, but the savage Southerners, too!
  • Aye, there's some southerners in there, but they work just as hard as yer usual Gondorians.
  • Ey, don't feel bad for them. They're better of in yer hands than mine.
  • Got some of these from the jungles. Weird place, that is.
  • Aye, I get all me slaves from the coasts of foreign lands!
  • I won't ask any questions if ye won't either.
  • I see you found me tents. Welcome to the slave-trade, Person.
  • Aye, I got some slaves for sale. Interested?
  • Ey, Person, touching means buying!
  • I don't care what ye do to me slaves, Person. Not here to be asking questions.
  • Aye, I broke them all right.
  • You must have known me from the black tents. Aye, that happens.
  • Heard good things about me boys off them farmers, have you?


  • There's plenty of room for ye in that cage!
  • I was waiting for a new shipment. Must be you then!
  • I've broken men twice as large as ye!
  • Ye'll do fine on the Gulfing farms!
  • Really now, ye seek to free me slaves? Bleedin' lubbers!
  • Land-rats don't get a say in how we trade!
  • Yer attempt at freein' the slaves will end up with ye as one of 'em, Person!
  • Ye ain't no better than us!
  • I'll be sure to set ye off on one o' our Corsair ships!
  • Ye calling me a sea-dog? Ye have no right!
  • I love me a volunteer slave!
  • Ye're bold to show yer face round here, Person.
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