There is a great fleet drawing near to the mouths of Anduin, manned by the corsairs of Umbar in the South. They have long ceased to fear the might of Gondor, and they have allied them with the Enemy, and now make a heavy stroke in his cause.

–Beregond in The Return of the King, "Minas Tirith"

Corsairs of Umbar are cutthroat pirates who raid Gondor and the lands of Far Harad. They wear shabby Corsair armour and wield Corsair weapons in battle.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Corsairs will spawn throughout the Corsair Coasts, Tolfalas and their homeland of Umbar at any time of day. Corsairs spawned this way will naturally spawn and despawn over time, similar to other mobs. They will also spawn in Corsair Hideouts along the Corsair Coasts as well.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Corsairs will roam the lands they spawn in, attacking any enemy aligned NPC or player they see.

They spawn wielding any of these four weapons: Eket, Axe, Harpoon, or Dagger, most commonly harpoons and ekets.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

A player may hire these soldiers from a Corsair Captain granted the player has sufficient alignment with Near Harad. Corsair Captains can be found in Corsair Camps and occasionally in Corsair Hideouts. Corsairs are particularly good for looting because foes killed by corsairs have more chance to drop rare items, mostly silver coins.

Advantages Disadvantages
They are cheap Their armour is weaker than iron armour
Decent vitality Long distance to travel to a captain
Killed enemies drop silver coins more commonly
Like elves they can toggle between bow and melee weapon

Drops[edit | edit source]

Corsairs will often drop bones, or a piece of armour or the weapon that they were carrying upon their death.

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Speechbank[edit | edit source]


  • Fled from Gondor, have ye? If you 'ave, you're welcome here.
  • I can smell the stench of the North on ye. What's your business 'ere?
  • Ship's going North soon. Are ye comin' with us, Person?
  • Plenty o' towns and ships going around the Bay o' Bêl to raid.
  • Bleedin' Adûnâim up north think they got it all right. Well they ain't, Person!
  • Swear I spotted one of them stone-people that roam near Andrast once. Kept staring straight at our ship, it did!
  • Stay south o' Tolfalas if ye intend to raid some of them fisher-folk, Person.
  • Here to work, are ye? We can always use more hands on our ships.
  • Did ye come by road or by ship?
  • Aye, I visited Ain an-Ahâr. Ain't that special, really.
  • Every time I sail out, I still pray to Azrubêl for a safe return.
  • I love me some good plunder and pillage, Person.
  • Slavery? It's what they deserve.
  • Won't ever tire from that scent of the sea. Makes me feel at home.
  • We use the stars to navigate on the high seas. Only thing you can be sure of these days!
  • Ain't no fooling me, Person. I'll cut you down where you stand.
  • Them foams of the water are just as welcome to me as them foams of a good cider!
  • I want to go out fighting again. Been too long!
  • Sauron ain't that bad a guy, really.
  • We rule the seas. Gondor don't stand a chance.
  • Ever seen the red sands, Person? They're far east, beyond Khopazûl.
  • Ye, them mercenaries will fight for ye, but will they share their plunder with ye?
  • Aye, I've been in a great battle at sea. Nothing makes ye more dedicated to the cause than the fear of drownin'!
  • I wish we could have another beauty like Barûphel leadin' us.
  • I once led a raid on Dol Amroth, but it ain't as safe now. Them Swan Knights have wised up.
  • We long since abandoned the Adûnâim bloodlines. Made us stronger too, aye.
  • By Azrubêl, ye're a strange one, ain't ye?
  • We'll be off to fetch another load of slaves soon.


  • Come 'ere, I'll tear ye a new one!
  • It'll be a watery grave for you!
  • I'm so angry, I lost my accent!
  • Come 'ere, ye land-rat!
  • When I'm done with ye, you'll be thirty feet under and sinkin'!
  • Me blade's all rusty just for you!
  • All that water swirlin' around in yer head!
  • The way ye're walking, can't help but think yer just a poor lubber!
  • I'm sure ye think I'm just a sea-dog, don't ye? Well, you'll be surprised!
  • Azrubêl, guide me strike!
  • I'll fight you to a watery grave!
  • Ye must be from that port I plundered. Not had enough, have ye?
  • Aye, look at that, a rebel!
  • By Azrubêl, this lubber thinks he can beat me in combat!
  • The waves take ye! Nothing can withstand me might!
  • Lubbers always think they stand a chance, don't they?
  • Foul seaweed piece o' land-rat that ye are!
  • I'll be sure to scrub you o'er the corals, filth!
  • Bleedin' barnacle-head o' a mother's rotten canyon, I'll stab ye dead!
  • May the fish feed on yer rotten corpse, Person!
  • Ye think ye're getting away with that? Ye must be one of the dumbest lubbers I've met!
  • Aye, I knew ye'd betray us. Could smell that filthy Adûnâim stink wherever ye walked!
  • I've been round Topaz Bay. Ye can't do me any worse than what the Gulfings tried!
  • Any last words for yer old love before I show her what's happened to ye?
  • I've been drinkin', but even four of ye won't be a problem!
  • Come 'ere, ye useless lubber!
  • Come an' get what ye deserve, ye stinkin' lubber!


  • What is it that ye command, Person?
  • I'm at yer service, cap'n.
  • Tell me what to do, and I'll see it done.
  • I'm skilled in all forms of combat, Person. Pro-fi-cient.
  • No matter the weapon I use, I'll see to it that the blood of yer enemies flows.
  • Where're we off to next, then?
  • We Corsairs are bleedin' good fighters, ey?
  • Give me the word, and I shall burn yer enemies' lands.
  • I'm not familiar with that formation.
  • Form a line? What good'll that do?
  • I'm bestowed with the strength of a thousand men, so there ain't an army on earth that can best us.
  • We'll see this war to an end, Person.
  • Aye, cap'n, good to see that wound healing up.
  • It's an honour to fight with ye, cap'n.
  • I'd march for days if ye wanted me to.
  • I'll be keeping me guard up, don't ye worry.
  • I'm ready to plunder, Person!
  • When we fighting them Gondorians again?
  • Can we keep some of that loot, Person?
  • Aye, fair share among the crew, right?
  • Leave the wives to me, Person.
  • I'd rather be on a ship, but whatever yer command is, cap'n.
  • Can we visit the sea every now and then, cap'n?
  • Ey, those who survive can be slaves on the docks.
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