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Corsairs of Umbar are cutthroat pirates who raid Gondor and the lands of Far Harad. They wear shabby Corsair armour and wield Corsair weapons in battle.

Behavior Edit

Corsairs will roam the lands they spawn in, attacking any enemy aligned NPC or player they see.

Spawning Edit

Corsairs will spawn throughout the Corsair Coasts and their homeland of Umbar at any time of day. Corsairs spawned this way will naturally spawn and despawn over time, similar to other mobs.

They spawn wielding any of these 4 weapons: Eket, Axe, Harpoon, or Dagger. Most commonly harpoons and ekets. They will also spawn in Corsair Hideouts along the Corsair Coasts as well.

Hiring Edit

A player may hire these soldiers from a Corsair Captain granted the player has sufficient alignment with Near Harad. Corsair Captains can be found in Corsair Camps and occasionally in Corsair Hideouts. Corsairs are particularly good for looting because foes killed by corsairs have more chance to drop rare items, mostly silver coins.

Advantages Disavantadges
They are cheap Their armour is weaker than iron armor
Decent vitality Long distance to travel to a captain
Killed enemies drop silver coins more commonly
Like elves they can toggle between bow and melee weapon

Drops Edit

Corsairs will often drop bones, or a piece of armour or the weapon that they were carrying upon their death.

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NPCs: Slave
Traders: Merchant
Items: Black Númenórean ArmourBowEquipmentRobes
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