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The Crocodile is a hostile mob that spawns exclusively in the Far Harad regions.

Two crocodiles in a mangrove forest.


These mobs only spawn in or near rivers and other bodies of water. This condition can be used to create a mob grinder, as they will spawn near any body of water. This even works underground and in low light situations.


Crocodiles are extremely aggressive during the night and will attack the player upon sight. However during the day they will not attack unless provoked, however they will still attack any nearby animals or NPCs.

Crocodiles can run as fast as a walking player on land, and are just as fast if not faster when swimming in the water making it difficult to escape if the player is swimming. Crocodiles attack with their ferocious jaws and can often attack in groups.

Alignment does not affect the behaviour of crocodiles, as they are not sentient beings.


Crocodiles drop rotten flesh (Rotten Flesh.png), leather (Leather.png) and raw fish (Fish.png), as well as what remains of their last victim, such as bones and meat, mostly of zebras (Zebrameat.png), Gemsbok (Gemsbok Hide.png) and NPCs they have slain..


  • This mob, along with most other Far Harad mobs, was previously a part of Mevans' Lion King Mod.
  • The Morwaith are often victims to crocodile attacks and can occasionally give the player a quest to slay them.
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