Crossbow Bolts are a necessity for all players who use crossbows as their weapons. They serve the same function as arrows but are used as ammunition for the crossbow instead of the bow. They can be stacked up to 64 in the inventory. Crossbow bolts can be fired from a dispenser.


These bolts can also be found in chests in many structures, such as Uruk Camps. They can also be bought from a variety of traders, such as the Uruk Trader, Blacksmith of Rohan, or Blacksmith of Gondor. Also, Gundabad Orc archers and Uruk crossbowers may drop 0-2 Crossbow bolts upon death.


Crossbow bolts can also be crafted on a vanilla crafting table with an iron or bronze ingot, a stick, and a feather. They are crafted in groups of four, just like arrows.

vanilla crafting recipe
Iron or Bronze Ingot
Crossbow Bolt


Like Taurethrim darts and arrows, you can poison your crossbow bolts (four at a time) with a bottle of poison.

Orkish or Haradric crafting recipe
Orkish or Haradric Crafting
Crossbow Bolt
Crossbow Bolt
Bottle of Poison
Crossbow Bolt
Crossbow Bolt
Poisoned Crossbow Bolt

When an entity is hit with a poisoned crossbow bolt, they are dealt the same amount of damage as usual, but receive the Poison status effect for a short time, similar to the effects of a poisoned dagger.

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