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The Dúnedain are descendants of the Númenóreans who survived the fall of their island kingdom, Númenor. They spawn naturally in the Angle, in Dúnedain Villages.


They originally moved to the lands of Eriador in the north-west of Middle-Earth and formed the kingdom of Arnor, before it was destroyed by Angmar in TA 1974. By the late Third Age, most Dúnedain lived in the lands of Gondor to the south, but a few remained in the lands of Eriador as the Rangers of the North, defending the lands of Eriador and The Shire from the forces of darkness. Over time, the Dúnedain gradually intermarried with the lesser men, though some of them did not interbreed, including the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth. A notable Dúnadan was Aragorn II, who accompanied the Fellowship of the Ring from Bree to Gondor.


Dúnedain only spawn within villages within The Angle. Each house will spawn one or two Dúnedain, and they may be either male or female.


Dúnedain will willingly speak to players with positive or neutral Dúnedain alignment, but will run away from any player or NPC with a negative alignment. If they are provoked, they will defend themselves with a bronze or iron dagger.


The Dúnedain will drop a bone about half the time. They can occasionally drop food or drink, as well.



  • What brings you to this wilderness, Person?
  • May your journey be swift and your cloak warm, Person.
  • By nightfall this land will be crawling with Orcs.
  • Be on your guard, Person. There are many enemies in these parts.
  • Good day, Person. From which land do you hail?
  • Keep a safe camp at night, and stay out of the shadows.
  • My kin has long guarded these lands from the dangers that lie to the North.
  • Be wary, Person. Many new dangers have arisen in these dark days.
  • Do not forget us, Person.
  • Once, the northern kingdoms of Men were glorious and magnificent. But now we are all that remain.
  • Not all those who wander are lost.
  • The old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  • From the ashes a fire shall be woken.
  • Renewed shall be blade that was broken; the crownless again shall be king.
  • Evil is at work in these lands.
  • We are the people of Westernesse, as such who remain.
  • Orcs in their numbers are coming down from the mountains, Person. We must remain wary.
  • We have crossed many mountains and many rivers. Hopefully we can live here in peace, for a time.
  • Our homes, such as we have, are here in the North.
  • Here the heirs of Valandil have ever dwelt in long line unbroken from father unto son for many generations.
  • Our days have darkened, and we have dwindled; but always the Sword has passed to a new keeper.
  • Lonely folk are we, Rangers of the wild, hunters - but hunters ever of the servants of the Enemy.
  • The servants of the Enemy are found in many places, not in Mordor only.
  • Beware of the ancient wights and shades that roam this land, Person. It is said they can take over your body.
  • In time of need, we will ride to the aid of Isildur's heir.
  • Winter is coming soon. But we are ever the watchers in the North.
  • How did you come to our secret lands?
  • I pray that you are a friend to the Dúnedain.
  • Our lands are kept secret from the outside world. I can only trust that the Rangers allowed you to pass.
  • We are a scattered folk, Person, and our dwellings are hidden.
  • None but friends of the Dúnedain and the Eldar may pass into these lands.
  • Our dwellings here are known to none outside our kin, save the Elves.
  • We are a secret people. It is how we have survived.
  • We are the folk of the West, of Númenor of old and the lost realm of Arnor.
  • There are few in the outside world who remember our names, Person. The memory of Arnor is all but forgotten.
  • My forefathers were the Kings of Westernesse, in its glory! Of Númenor! But now the world is darkened, and we struggle here in this wilderness.
  • Westernesse is drowned beneath the sundering seas, but while we remain, Person, the memory of our people endures.
  • We Dúnedain of the North are a wary people. Be sure you do not cause any trouble.
  • Were it not for my people, these lone-lands would be crawling with Orcs, or worse.
  • If you would travel East, beware the mountains, Person. Dark and evil things lurk within.
  • Hereabouts lie the last refuges of our people.


  • I shall make an end of you!
  • You are not welcome in these lands, Person!
  • Flee our lands, you wretched ally of the Morgul-filth!
  • What madness led you here?
  • Crawl back into the night, Person!
  • Begone, Orc-scum!
  • Do not underestimate the Rangers of the North.
  • Go back to the darkness whence you came!
  • What devilry of the Dark Lord do you bring here?
  • Begone from these lands!
  • You ruffian!
  • I will not do dealings with criminals.
  • Leave now, or be forced out!
  • Come back, servant of the night! I have a bright blade for you!
  • How did you find your way into our lands?
  • These lands are guarded closely, Person. You will find no refuge here!
  • There is no refuge here for the likes of you!
  • Villains like you are unwelcome here!
  • These lands are secret, Person, and so they shall remain!
  • What are you, Person? Some Orc-spy?
  • If the Enemy sent you here, he will hear nothing back from you!



  • Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh!
  • Roll roll roll roll, roll-roll-rolling down the hole!
  • Hey ho! To the bottle I go!
  • I drink, therefore I am.
  • Tippity tippity tap! Splish splash splosh!
  • My ale! Mine!
  • Do not turn me about so, Person. My stomach is not constant.
  • Stop walking on the wall, Person! Ho! Ho!
  • Here and there, ale is everywhere!
  • I couldn't live without my ale!
  • The ale is mine!
  • Up and down and left and right, I will drink until the end of night!
  • Teh to ti ti tum!
  • More ale in my pail!
  • I used to be an adventurer, just like you. Then I discovered ale!
  • *hic*
  • Help! Everything is square! How long have I been here? Am I going mad? Please help me, Person!
  • Yo ho ho and a horn of your finest ale!
  • They see me! They see you! They see everything!
  • A song! A song!
  • Sing, Person! Sing!
  • Give me a reason to fight and I shall drink ale!
  • Well, well, haven't you come a long way! I haven't seen you in years, Person!
  • Get off me, you drunkard!
  • You shouldn't have *hic* drunk so much, Person, you fool.
  • Goodness me, what a fine day for it!
  • Ah, my old friend! Welcome home!
  • Ring a ding a ding dong, sing me a song!
  • You'll want to back off, else we'll be having a scuffle!
  • My, my, my, aren't you a strange fellow?
  • Your breath stinks of ale. Begone!
  • Why do you sway around so?
  • Aha, yes, you're a clever little fellow, aren't you?
  • Stand still there!
  • Get out of my tavern!
  • Stay well away from me, you Orc-filth!
  • There's always room for more drink!
  • Yes, and a fine place for it!
  • Oh, I quite agree, Person.
  • I'll have you know I have quite the tale, to have you know, my Person.
  • And what a day for it! What a day indeed!
  • Don't you like to drink, Person?
  • My old friend! Come, drink with me, Person.
  • Now's not the time for it.
  • I already told you, I have quite the tale for you to know, a tale. Now go away.
  • That's not what you say, is it?
  • I'm strong, I am. Strong and I can talk too.
  • Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Those cursed hillmen.
  • You want me to tell you that old tale again?
  • Speak up, Person! I can barely hear you.
  • You're a dim old fellow, aren't you?
  • That's very clever, Person. Very clever indeed, yes, very clever.
  • I'd tell you, but then I'd only have to tell you again, you old fool.
  • Here I am!
  • Goodness, isn't it dark in here?
  • Slow down! All of you, slow down.
  • I've had it up to here with your tomfoolery.
  • Is it time to go home yet, Person?
  • Get away from me, you dirty old Orc!
  • I'll be calling the Rangers on you!
  • I'm a Ranger! Don't push me around like that!
  • Welcome to Arnor, Person!
  • You look just like a hillman, you disgusting *hic* ruffian!
  • When you live in a place like this, you can't help but drink a bit too often!
  • I may be dead, Person, but at least I'm not drunk!
  • Oh, get away from me, you silly old Troll.
  • Fine day for a ranging.
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