The Dúnedain are descendants of the Númenóreans who survived the fall of their island kingdom, Númenór. They spawn naturally in the Angle, in Dúnedain Villages.


They originally moved to the lands of Eriador in the north-west of Middle-Earth and formed the kingdom of Arnor, before it was destroyed by Angmar in TA 1974. By the late Third Age, most Dúnedain lived in the lands of Gondor to the south, but a few remained in the lands of Eriador as the Rangers of the North, defending the lands of Eriador and The Shire from the forces of darkness. Over time, the Dúnedain gradually intermarried with the lesser men, though some of them did not interbreed, including the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth. A notable Dúnadan was Aragorn II, who accompanied the Fellowship of the Ring from Bree to Gondor.


Dúnedain only spawn within villages within The Angle. Each house will spawn one or two Dúnedain, and they may be either male or female.


Dúnedain will willingly speak to players with positive or neutral Dúnedain alignment, but will run away from any player or NPC with a negative alignment. If they are provoked, they will defend themselves with a bronze or iron dagger.


The Dúnedain will drop a bone about half the time. They can occasionally drop food or drink, as well.

Ranger Shield  The Dúnedain of the North  Ranger Banner

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