Dagorlad (Sindarin for battle plain) is a desolate land, devoid of life, with terrain consisting of Mordor Dirt, Mordor Gravel, Barren Dirt, and Gravel. Charred Trees generate here, accompanied by the occasional boulder, but not much else. There is no food or water for a very long distance, and it is not a very good place to be, especially for enemies of Mordor. Dagorlad was the final piece of desolation caused by Sauron's Orcs when, fleeing the victory of the Last Alliance at the Black Gate, they poisoned and polluted the land, which was irreparably ruined. Now, the only ones who walk here are the servants of Sauron. Dagorlad is bordered by Mordor to the South-east, the Brown Lands to the North, the Dead Marshes to the West and Ithilien to the South-west.

Upon entering Dagorlad, the player earns the achievement "Battle Plain".

Structures Edit

There are no structures to be found here, not even scattered stone ruins. Anything that has ever been built here has long since been completely destroyed by the Orcs.

Mobs Edit

The only inhabitants of Dagorlad are the soldier-Orcs of Mordor, who patrol the land to keep it free of the enemies of Sauron.

Vegetation Edit

There is no grass the in arid desert of Dagorlad, as the scorched topsoil mainly consists of Mordor Dirt and Gravel, and what little dirt exists is completely barren. The land is so utterly corrupted that no fertile dirt can be found near the surface, and water is almost impossible to find. The only witnesses to the former fertility of the land are a few charred trees. Next to the Great Desert and the Forodwaith, Dagorlad can be considered one of the least-hospitable environments in Middle-earth.

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