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The Dalish Bakery is a structure found in Dalish villages, which are found in Dale.


These structures are made primarily of Dalish Brick, Spruce Wood, Oak Wood Beams and Clay Tiles. They are roofed with either blue, red or brown tiling. Their windows are fitted with either Iron or Bronze Bars and their flooring is of cobblestone. Each bakery, also generates with a sign which denotes it with a name. The most distinctive feature of the building is the line of three colored wool blocks over the entrance. This is how it can be recognized most easily in a village.


Unlike other Dalish Structures these are very large and long and do not feature a second story. At the bottom of the structure there is a counter area behind which a Dalish Baker, Furnaces and Crafting Tables are to be found. There are numerous baked goods on the counters, often including various pies, cakes, and maybe marchpane. There are several Dalish pastries in the bakery as well.


Within Bakeries a Dalish Baker can be found who will gladly trade their produce to any allies for a fine price.


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