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Dalish fortresses are generated structures that spawn naturally in the land of Dale. Together with watchtowers, they are the military structures of Dale.


The fortress is made of Dalish bricks, different colors of tiles and is protected by three wooden gates. The windows in the towers are fitted with bronze bars and the middle of the fortress possess a pinnacle with an ever lit hearth block and are heavily guarded.

It contains one big chest, a Table of Command (since Update 35), four barrels with different beverages, a vanilla and a Dalish crafting table along with a furnace. There is also a dormitory covered by a tent for the garrisoned troops, and two Dalish Banners in the gated main entrance.


The fortress comes garrisoned with a captain, several soldiers and longbowmen. In case of death of its soldiers, the fortress will naturally make use of a NPC respawner localized in the middle of the center pinnacle by respawning troops according to some variables.

With +100 alignment with Dale, the player can make use of the captain to recruit troops.


Dale Shield.png  The Northmen of Dale  Dale Banner.PNG

NPCs: Dalishman (Banner Bearer, Levyman, Longbowman, Soldier)
Traders: BakerBlacksmithCaptainMerchant
Items: Armour (Gambeson) • CrackerCramEquipmentRolling Pin
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: FortressVillageWatchtower