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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

By that time all the bells were ringing in Dale, and all the warriors were arming.

The Hobbit, An Unexpected Party

Dalish Soldiers are the professional soldiers of the Kingdom of Dale. They wear Dalish Armour and wield Dalish weapons.


As with all Dalish units, these soldiers only spawn on grass blocks, at any time of day. In rare cases, these soldiers can spawn mounted on a horse.


Dalish Soldiers will ignore any player or NPC with friendly alignment to Dale, but will walk towards any enemy of Dale and start swinging their weapons at them. They also carry a shield, though this is just for cosmetics, and gives them no combat bonuses whatsoever. Mounted variants of Dalish soldiers will move much faster than normal, but their AI is otherwise the same.


You can hire a Dalish Soldier for 30-60 Silver Coins and 150 alignment to Dale. A mounted variant costs 50-100 coins and 250 alignment. As per usual, the price decreases as alignment increases and halves if the player pledges to Dale.



  • I guard the lands of Dale.
  • Nothing shall threaten the Kingdom of Dale under my watch.
  • Our enemies fear our spears and swords.
  • The Kingdom of Dale has grown mighty since the days of Smaug's demise.
  • I will not allow any Orc or bandit to enter this land!
  • The days are growing dark, Person. I fear soon we shall be at war.
  • I gladly protect these lands.
  • The Kingdom of Dale has grown great, thanks to the courage of brave soldiers. Yes! Just like myself!
  • Welcome to the land of Dale, Person!
  • We must remain vigilant.
  • I hear worrisome reports of skirmishes on our eastern borders.
  • Rumours say that Men of the East have been crossing over the Redwater. I must hope they are but rumours.
  • We cannot hold off the barbarians in the East forever, Person. If they should mount an attack... I fear for us all.


  • I will make quick work of you, scum!
  • Be gone from these lands, foul Orc-servant!
  • You shall meet my sword!
  • You shall be punished for your crimes!
  • I will not allow you to go further!
  • Die, bandit-wretch!
  • You stand no chance against our spears and blades, scoundrel!
  • You will pass no further, villain!
  • Your days of crime have come to an end, Person!
  • By my sword, you will fall!


  • You command, I follow!
  • Do you require my service, Person?
  • Where shall we go?
  • Let us kill some bandit scum!
  • No Orc shall stand in our way!
  • Can we stop for some ale?
  • I will do as you command.
  • Nothing shall stand against us!
  • Let our foes meet with our blades!
  • As you command.
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