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Dalish watchtowers are structures, made of Dalish bricks and pillars roofed with clay tiling, that generates naturally in the land of Dale. These watchtowers contain three levels, connected by wooden ladders, garrisoned by soldiers that show their loyalty by hanging a Dalish banner on each side of the outer walls of the tower.


Ground floor[]

The ground floor contains a torch, a barrel, a treasure chest, a vanilla crafting table and a Dalish crafting table. The barrel will have a weaker alcoholic drink in it, such as plum kvass or Dwarven ale. The chest will have low-tier loot, such as drinking vessels (some with drinks).

First floor[]

The first floor is the dormitory, containing two straw beds and a torch.

Second floor[]

The second floor is the top of the tower. It has a fence around the side for added protection, and a roof made of clay tiling with blue, red, orange or brown colours. Rarely you may also find both a Dalish Soldier and a Dalish Levyman atop the tower.


On the second floor, you can find find a Dalish soldier or a Dalish levyman stationed and ready to defend against unfriendly intruders.


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NPCs: Dalishman (Banner Bearer, Levyman, Longbowman, Soldier)
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