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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

They are good folk, the Bardings. The grandson of Bard the Bowman rules them, Brand son of Bain son of Bard. He is a strong king, and his realm now reaches far south and east of Esgaroth.

–Glóin in The Fellowship of the Ring, Many Meetings

Dalishmen are the citizens of the kingdom of Dale.


Dalishmen spawn throughout the land of Dale during the daytime, regardless of the light level. They will only spawn atop grass blocks, and will never spawn underground. They also inhabit Dalish Houses which spawn in Dalish Villages. They will spawn and despawn the same way as most NPC's in the mod, unless they're bound to a structure.


Dalishmen will generally wander around aimlessly and ignore any player or NPC with positive Dale alignment, unless of course the player talks to them. If an enemy of Dale approaches, these Men will take whatever weapon or tool they have at hand (often an axe or dagger) and attack the intruder.

As with most NPC's, Dalishmen will occasionally eat or drink, healing themselves in the process.


Dalishmen will drop a bone about half the time. In addition, they can drop food and drink on some occasions, including the Dalish Pastry.



  • It has been many years since the desolation of Smaug, Person, and much has changed!
  • You are welcome here in the realm of Dale, Person.
  • Dalish markets hold some of the finest antiquities from all around. You will find no better bargain elsewhere, Person!
  • The wealth of the mountain has brought us prosperity and misfortune in the past... let's hope those times are past us.
  • Not many who still live can say they remember the dragon. It has been years since Esgaroth burned.
  • Have you ever tasted Dalish pastries before, Person? They are the finest in all the world!
  • The merchants of Dale travel far and wide to bring us great luxuries.
  • What can I do for you, Person? Travellers are welcomed here with open hands.
  • Greetings, stranger! Welcome to the Kingdom of Dale!
  • Do you come from the land of that Halfling hero?
  • Some of us still recall how Bard with his black arrow slew the accursed dragon. That was truly a day to remember.
  • These lands have become very lively in the days since the dragon was slain.
  • There has been talk of strange messengers in Dale, wicked Men of the South. You are not one of them, are you, Person?


  • Be gone, foul Orc-servant!
  • Our guards will make swift work of you!
  • You will find no gain in this land.
  • Run, Person! Run before our arrows get you!
  • You will pay for your crimes!
  • Leave this land, Person!
  • You will pay for that!
  • Our soldiers will make quick work of you!
  • Away with you, Orc-scum!
  • Keep away from these lands, bandit-filth!
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