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Data packs are files that contain data used to modify the game. Unlike Resource Packs, which only affect the client, data packs are server-side, and data packs installed on a server/world will apply to any players connecting to it. Data packs can be used to modify advancements, recipes, structures, biomes, and more, with many of the mod's features being customizable via data packs as well. Data packs do not exist in Minecraft 1.7.10, so are only available for the Renewed version of the mod. For more information, see The Minecraft Wiki. There is also a list of template data packs compiled by Mevans to demonstrate some of the mod's custom data pack systems, found here.

Listed below are all the current data packs available for the mod:

Data Packs[]

Compass Tracker (Manhunt)[]

Authors: Quin
Pack Version: 3.0
Mod Version: Snapshot 4.1
Last Update: 6 June 2021
Wiki Pack Page: Compass Tracker (Planet Minecraft)

This datapack adds a configurable compass that can track up to 50 players or entities. The compass points at the nearest tracked entity, and can be configured to track entities through dimensions. While not an explicitly lotr mod data pack, the pack does add support for the Middle-earth dimension.


Mini Middle-earth[]

Authors: Aldan Tanneo, No Procedural Rivers version by Heap
Pack Version: N/A
Mod Version: Snapshot 2.6 (Regular), Snapshot 2.12 (No Procedural Rivers)
Last Update: 23 November 2020 (Regular), 22 February 2021 (No Procedural Rivers)
Wiki Pack Page: N/A

This data pack decreases the scale of Middle-earth by seven times. It comes in two versions: one with procedurally generated rivers, and one without.


No Procedural Rivers