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Note: This page addresses the fruit "dates". If you are looking for the mod's calendar system, see Shire Reckoning.
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Dates are a type of food item that can be harvested from date palm trees, similar to how cocoa beans are harvested off jungle trees in vanilla Minecraft. All the player needs to do is to break the date growing on the tree. Each tree can grow a maximum of four dates.

Dates can also easily be obtained in most Haradrim structures, and by killing any Haradrim NPCs. They can be seen as the southern equivalent of berries in a way.


When eaten, the dates fill two  2  hunger points each. They can also be used in brewing Araq, a popular drink among the ranks of the Southrons.

As of Public Beta 20, when talking to a Southron, the player may be offered a quest that involves giving a certain number of dates to the Haradrim. This is a good way to build up a positive alignment with the Near Harad faction quickly.

Like bananas, dates can be placed on any type of wood block, so it could be used as a quite uncommon and edible decoration for your wooden buildings.

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