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Suddenly on the path ahead appeared some white deer, a hind and fawns as snowy white as the hart had been dark...

The Hobbit, Flies and Spiders

Deer are passive mobs that can be found in most biomes. Upon death, they drop venison (Venison.png) and leather (Leather.png). They can be found in small herds of up to eight animals. There's both male and female deer, with the males exhibiting antlers and the females not.


They occur in most temperate biomes but they especially thrive live in colder, forested biomes across the north of Middle-earth. Due to their relative fertility they outnumber other animals in many of these biomes, like in Fangorn and the Lindon Woodlands.
A full list of biomes that support larger herds of deer is presented below.

Because of their occurrence in many biomes, deer are considered common animals. More information on their occurence and that of other common animals can be found on the common animals page.


How adorable...

These creatures will passively wander through their habitat in herds of up to eight, and if provoked will attempt to flee from their attacker. They can be lured and fed with wheat, which makes them have very happy feelings about their provider. Bringing two of those happy creatures together, provided they're of different sex, instantly leads to reproductive behaviour and baby deer. Aww ...


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Raw Venison Always 0-2 Venison.png
Leather Always 0-2 Leather.png


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