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The Dol Amroth Stable is a structure that spawns in the plains of Dor-en-Ernil at the centre of Dol Amroth fortifications.


The building is made out of Dol Amroth brick and raw wood blocks, along with wooden fences. It is decorated with numerous Dol Amroth banners and illuminated with torches. The roof consists of blue clay tiling. Hedges border the building, and are also found on a pair of balconies atop the back room.

The structure has a main entry hallway with six individual stalls branching off of it, with a larger room at the back were a captain will spawn. The structure can make a great base or home for the player, because it's quite spacious and is relatively easy to expand on, with convenient access to a hiring chieftain, not to mention six ready-tamed mounts.


Each of the six stalls hold either a saddled horse or donkey. Additionally, the stalls contain hay bales and thatch flooring. Each of the horses is tamed upon spawning.

Back Room[]

At the rear of the building is a large room containing a Dol Amroth crafting table, Gondorian crafting table, vanilla crafting table, furnace, and four small chests. The small chests can contain a variety of items including leads, wheat, mead, arrows, Dol Amroth swords, and Dol Amroth armour. Because there are four chests in each structure, there's a good chance that Dol Amroth players will be able to get a full set of Dol Amroth equipment if they loot a few of these stables. It has windows of white and blue stained glass, and is decorated by several Dol Amroth banners.

The back room will also contain a Dol Amroth captain, from which the player can hire Swan Knights.


These stables originally spawned on their own and were the only place to find Dol Amroth captains. Public Beta 29 changed this with the addition of settlements (adding the stables to the centre of Dol Amroth fortifications in place of the fortresses found in those of the other fiefdoms) and watchforts (where captains can also be found). It also improved the design of the stables.

Gondor Shield.png  The Men of Gondor  Gondor Banner.PNG

NPCs: GondorianLevymanSoldier (Archer, Banner Bearer, Tower Guard)
Traders: CaptainMarket Traders
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BeaconBrick (Cobble) • CasketCrafting Table
Structures: Beacon TowerFortressObeliskRuined TowerRuinsSettlementsTurretWatchfort

Blackroot Shield.png  The Soldiers of the Blackroot Vale  BlackrootVale Banner.PNG

NPCs: Soldier (Bowman)
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Dol Amroth Shield.png  The Knights of Dol Amroth  Dol Amroth Banner.PNG

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