Dol Guldur Altars are structures that spawn in the Dol Guldur biome. They are, in essence, a fancy-looking platform. The structure is composed of Dol Guldur brick and its variants (including Gulduril Dol Guldur brick). It is lit up with Morgul torches.

In the center of the altar is a Dol Guldur crafting table, which is a very useful resource for any players wishing to craft and use Dol Guldur equipment. In fact, this is one of the two naturally spawning structures so far to contain a Dol Guldur crafting table.


Dol Guldur Shield  The Regiments of Dol Guldur  Dol Guldur Banner

NPCs: Orc (Archer, Banner Bearer) • Olog-haiSpider
Traders: ChieftainTrader
Items: Armour (Morgul, Morgul Horse) • ChainEquipment (Morgul)
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch (Morgul)
Structures: AltarCampSpider PitTower

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