Dorwinion Elves are the elven citizens of Dorwinion. Like other elves, they will not hesitate to attack any evil creature that ventures into their sight.

Behaviour Edit

Dorwinion Elves will wander their lands when idle. Upon seeing an enemy player or mob, they will attack it with their dagger.

Spawning Edit

The Elves of Dorwinion spawn throughout their lands. They can spawn in any light level, but only on top of grass blocks. Elves naturally spawned in this way will continually spawn and despawn over time, similar to other mobs.

Drops Edit

Dorwinion Elves most frequently drop Elf bones, but may more rarely drop other items like wine, coins, and pouches.

Speechbank Edit


  • I welcome you to Dorwinion.
  • In your tongue, Person, this country is called the Land of the Young.
  • Our kin in the West think we are lesser, because we have not seen the light of the Two Trees. But I say, these lands are beauty enough for me.
  • Here on the shores of the Rhúnaer, we Dorwidhrim brew the finest wines in all Middle-earth!
  • I shall travel soon to my kin in the Woodland Realm. It has been long indeed since last we met.
  • Welcome to Dorwinion, Person, the easternmost Elf-country on earth... save one, that is.
  • King Bladorthin ruled here of old.
  • The arrogance of our Eldarin brothers and sisters has led their realms into decay. But Dorwinion by the shores shall endure forever.
  • The Men of Númenor once claimed ownership of these lands, not so long ago. But I knew that would not endure. Men are weak... and too easily corrupted.
  • We Elves have always loved the sea, and the shores of this land bear a likeness to Cuiviénen from the old tales.
  • It is rare that one of our people should flee into the West, Person. We are not Eldar here.
  • I must get back to the brewery soon.
  • Wine! Wine, Person. It dulls all ills and sooths all sorrows.
  • The Men of Dorwinion are more noble than most. But Men they are still, nonetheless.


  • You are accursed, Person!
  • It was unwise of you to venture here.
  • You are an enemy of Dorwinion.
  • You are no friend of Dorwinion!
  • A thousand lives of Men would pass before I would do trade with you!
  • You are not worthy of the lowest Mannish grape juice!
  • What are you, Person? A common thief? An Orcish spy? Begone!
  • You will regret coming here!
  • I will put an end to your villainy!
  • Begone, scum!

Trivia Edit

  • All Elves have a chance of being named Goran, a reference to one of the moderators.
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