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Dorwinion Elven Houses are generated structures found in the lands of Dorwinion.


These houses are built with Dorwinion bricks, vanilla stone bricks as foundation and oak beams to support the structure. The roof is made with clay tiles of random colors.


Inside there is a small kitchen equipped with two beverage barrels, a furnace and a cauldron filled with water. The Elven owner sleeps in a small bedroom in the other side of the house, furnished with a vanilla bed, a treasure double chest filled with food items, drinks and miscellaneous items; and also a Vanilla Crafting Table together with a Dorwinion crafting table.

A particular vineyard with 24 grapevines and protected by walls is tended by the owner in the back of the house.


Dorwinion Shield.png  The Men and Elves of Dorwinion  Dorwinion Banner.PNG

NPCs: Elves (Warrior, Archer) Men (Crossbower, Guard, Vinehand)
Traders: Captain (Elven) • MerchantVinekeeper
Items: Armour (Elven) • EquipmentForge
Blocks: BrickCrafting TableGrapevine Post
Structures: BathhouseBreweryCampGardenHouse (Elven)