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Dunlending Drunkards are mobs similar to Hobbit Drunkards. They are constantly drunk, and spawn exclusively in Dunlending Taverns. Sadly, Dunlending Drunkards were removed since Beta 29, along with Hobbit Drunkards. Instead, all NPCs have a chance of getting drunk when near a Bartender. The speechbank will therefore not be removed along with the NPC.

Dunlending Drunkard


Dunlending Drunkards will wander around the Tavern they are in and outside of it, but will not leave unless attacked or pushed by a player or mob. They will not attack players unless provoked.


Dunlending Drunkards will drop bones and a strong or potent version of whatever drink they are holding when killed, just like Hobbit Drunkards.



  • You looking for a fight?
  • Oh ho! To the bottle I go!
  • You're a beautiful girl, Person.
  • Raaargh!
  • What did you just say about me?
  • Tonight, Person, we shall feast like kings!
  • Hands off my drink!
  • Splish splash splosh! Splish splash plump!
  • To and fro! To and fro! Up we come! Down we go!
  • Good day, Person! Or is it morning? No it's night! Ha! Ha!
  • Hey ho! To the bottle I go!
  • Ale! Ale! Sweet ale! Oh yes! Yes!
  • Death to Dunland... I mean Rohan!
  • The bottle is my saviour! To the bottle I must go!
  • This mug shall be the bane of all Rohirrim!
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