Dunlending Taverns are uncommon wooden structures found in Dunland. Like Hobbit taverns, they have randomly generated names. The exterior of the tavern is made of wood, much like a Dunlending House, but the interior is much larger and has a fireplace surrounded by pillars at the center.

At the back of the tavern is a bar behind which a Dunlending Bartender can be found, who will sell you food and drink and buy raw food. There are also some barrels, furnaces, and a crafting table. Regular Dunlending customers spawn in the tavern as well. Note that Dunlendings that spend time in the close proximity of a Dunlending Bartender tend to consume alcohol and may become drunk and noisy. If you fancy a fight, it may best avoid drunken Dunlendings, as they tend to deal more damage in combat. However, you receive a fair amount of alignment with Dunland's enemies if you finish off all the customers there.

Names Edit

Each tavern has a randomly generated name, displayed on a sign near the entrance. The names are made of a prefix and a suffix.

  • The Bloated
  • The Dancing
  • The Drunken
  • The Filthy
  • The Greedy
  • The Hungry
  • The Mournful
  • The Roaring
  • The Singing
  • The Wandering
  • The Weary
  • The Wild

  • Boar
  • Crebain
  • Dragon
  • Goblin
  • Strawhead
  • Troll
  • Warlord
  • Warrior
  • Wolf


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