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Dunlending Taverns are uncommon wooden structures found in Dunland and the Adornland. Like Hobbit taverns, they have randomly generated names. The exterior of the tavern is made of wood, much like a Dunlending House, but the interior is much larger and has a fireplace surrounded by pillars at the center.

At the back of the tavern is a bar behind which a Dunlending Bartender can be found, who will sell you food and drink and buy raw food. There are also some barrels, furnaces, and a crafting table. Regular Dunlending customers spawn in the tavern as well. Note that Dunlendings that spend time in the close proximity of a Dunlending Bartender tend to consume alcohol and may become drunk and noisy. If you fancy a fight, it may best avoid drunken Dunlendings, as they tend to deal more damage in combat. However, you receive a fair amount of alignment with Dunland's enemies if you finish off all the customers there.


Each tavern has a randomly generated name, displayed on a sign near the entrance. The names are made of a prefix and a suffix.


  • The Bloated
  • The Dancing
  • The Drunken
  • The Filthy
  • The Greedy
  • The Hungry
  • The Mournful
  • The Roaring
  • The Singing
  • The Wandering
  • The Weary
  • The Wild


  • Boar
  • Crebain
  • Dragon
  • Goblin
  • Strawhead
  • Troll
  • Warlord
  • Warrior
  • Wolf


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NPCs: Dunlending (Axe-thrower, Banner Bearer, Berserker, Bowman, Warrior)
Traders: BartenderWarlord
Items: ArmourEquipment
Blocks: BasketCrafting Table
Structures: CampfireHill FortHouseTavern