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The Dunlending Warg rider is an Easter Egg that has been part of the mod since Public Beta 26. Very occasionally (originally a 1 in 100,000 chance, now 1 in 10,000), a Dunlending with a bomb for a hat and a second bomb in their hand will spawn on top of a warg, with a bomb as their saddle (as in a warg bombardier). It is unknown what causes this to happen, although Uruk-hai having a laugh is the most popular explanation.


When they see an enemy of Dunland, they will run toward them and explode, much like a Warg Bombardier. They won't die in the blast, and they will also continue to carry a bomb after detonating. They can spawn as a result of conquest, just like ordinary NPCs, and do not despawn.


It is claimed to have been discovered by Hail_Ceasar, but this is unconfirmed.

A Dunlending Warg-Rider in Rohan after exploding