Durnaur is a gem which can be obtained by mining Durnaur ore in Mordor. When mined, the ore will drop 1-2 gems.


A block of Durnaur.

Uses Edit

Durnaur has a number of crafting uses on the Morgul crafting table, including making Orc torches, which then can be used to ignite bombs. Also, crafting nine together on a vanilla crafting table gives you a Durnaur block.

As of Public Beta 29 Durnaur blocks and gems can be used as fuel in any type of forge. A gem can smelt/cook 3 items per slot, whereas a block processes 30 items per slot.

Durnaur can be sold to Mordor Orc traders for a small amount of silver coins. In addition, Durnaur can be alloyed with Orc Steel ingots or Morgul Iron ore to produce Black Uruk Steel. Due to this, Durnaur gems are thus a very useful resource for all players in the Mordor faction.

Durnaur is also used to make Rhûnic Fire-pots and Khamûl's Fire. For both items, you will need to combine Durnaur with Gunpowder and Gilded Iron ingots on a Rhûnic crafting table.

Origin of the name Edit

Although Durnaur is a non-canon addition and does not appear in Tolkien's work, the name is in Sindarin, one of the Elvish languages. Dur means "dark" in Sindarin, and naur means "fire". The end result is Durnaur, which stands for "dark fire", due to the red-orange color of the gems and the dark land where it is found.

Trivia Edit

Prior to Public Beta 30 it was called "Naurite".

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