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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Durnor is a gem which can be obtained by mining Durnor ore in Mordor. When mined, the ore will drop 1-2 of these gems. Durnor has fiery properties, and in Mordor it is somewhat analogous to coal.

Durnor gems can be crafted into Durnor Blocks for storage.


Durnor has a number of uses in crafting. On the Morgul crafting table, it can be used to make Orc torches, which can be used as a light source by Mordor players or as a means of igniting Orc bombs. On the Rhûnic crafting table, Durnor is used to make Rhûnic Fire-pots and Khamûl's Fire, highly destructive weapons used by the Easterlings of Rhúdel. Both items are a combination of Durnor, Gunpowder, and Gilded Iron ingots. On the vanilla crafting table, nine Durnor gems can be crafted into a Durnor block, which can be used for (faint) lighting or storage.

Durnor blocks and gems can be used as fuel in any type of forge. A gem can smelt 3 items per slot, whereas a block processes 30 items per slot. In the Orc Forge, Durnor can be alloyed with Orc Steel or Morgul Iron to create Black Uruk Steel, a durable material that can be used to make high-quality gear, making it a very valuable resource for evil players.

Durnor can also be sold to Mordor Orc traders for a small amount of silver coins.

Origin of the name[]

Although Durnor is a non-canon addition and does not appear in Tolkien's work, the name is in Sindarin, one of the Elvish languages. Dur means "dark" in Sindarin, and nor is a variation of naur (meaning "fire"). The end result is Durnor, which stands for "dark fire", due to the red-orange colour of the gems and the dark land where it is found.


Prior to Public Beta 30 it was called "Naurite".