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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Dwarfwort is a plant that can be found in the Iron Hills, Erebor and in the Red Mountains and Blue Mountains biomes, as well as in the foothill variants. The plants are found growing in small groups and are fairly rare. In the Renewed version only, it can also be found in the Misty Mountains.


Other ways to obtain Dwarfwort include buying them from Blue Dwarven merchants or Iron Hills merchants and the usage of bone meal on grass in the biomes where it is naturally growing. It is pretty rare and can often be confused with a variety of other plants such as the bluebell.

Some Dwarfwort plants.


Dwarfwort is a key ingredient in brewing Dwarven tonic and Dwarven ale. Brewing a batch of either drink requires two Dwarfwort plants.

Some might call it a waste, but this flower can also be used in a regular crafting table or the player's inventory to create light blue dye, alike to other mod flowers.

vanilla crafting recipe
Light Blue Dye