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Dwarf the Delver, dark are his houses[.]

The Two Towers, Treebeard

The Dwarven House is the main habitation building of the dwarves. These underground houses are hidden in the mountains with a dwarven door as an entrance (which looks like stone). Thus it is easier to find at night.

The houses can be seen as a Dwarven equivalent to Hobbit holes; a standalone building with some inhabitants, food, crafting tables, and other general-purpose items.

This particular Dwarf house spawns in the Iron Hills and Erebor biomes, but it is akin to Blue Mountains houses which spawn in the Blue Mountains biome, and house Blue Mountains Dwarves.


The houses are hidden in the mountain sides and the doors look like stone in the day, so it can be hard to spot a house. The door often has a small, three blocks wide tunnel in front which helps to spot the entrance. When you walk around the mountains and listen closely, you might hear the Dwarves walking around inside or the roaring fireplace. Then either dig or search for the entrance.

With a minimap-mod (with radar function) installed, you know where the houses are, if you see two Dwarves next to each other, but beware, as minimaps with radar are banned on certain servers.


The house consists of three rooms: The main room at the ground floor and a kitchen and a sleeping room below.

The main room has a table with food and a roaring fireplace. Two stairways lead down to the other rooms. The stair to the left leads down to the sleeping room with two Dwarven beds. The right stair leads to the kitchen/crafting room, which features a chest with food, two barrels with Dwarven ale or Dwarven tonic, a Dwarven crafting table and two Dwarven forges.

The walls are made out of Dwarven bricks and spruce wood. The floor will have a carpet and the entire house is lit by Dwarven chandeliers.


First, only two NPCs live here: A male Dwarf and his wife. When you stay for some time near the place, Dwarf children may show up. When you talk to the hostess, you'll earn the achievement "Spot the Difference".


  • Sometimes the house will not spawn completely underground and a border of the grass roof will come to sight. This is not a problem in the grassy Iron Hills.
  • Before Public Beta 22, all children were male, but now, you'll occasionally find girls too.


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