A Dwarven mine is a naturally generated structure that spawns in the Iron Hills, Erebor and Blue Mountains biome. From the surface, it appears to be a plain roofed platform surrounded by fences and lit with torches. However, a ladder in the middle leads down to a deep and large mine underneath.

This structure is available in the Creative Mode spawning menu, but only the outside structure and the main entry room. The maze of underground tunnels will only appear in naturally spawning Dwarven mines.

Main Entry Room Edit

The main entry room contains 3 Dwarven forges to smelt your ores and an extremely long ladder leading above ground when the player is ready to leave. On one side is an entry to the main part of the mine.

Tunnels Edit

In naturally spawning Dwarven mines, there will usually be a large network of underground tunnels that can be accessed from the main entry room. These tunnels are the mine itself, the overall structure reminiscent of the abandoned mineshafts in vanilla Minecraft.

The mine can contain valuable ores. It also spawns Dwarves, Dwarven warriors and Dwarf miners, the latter of which the player can trade with. Occasionally, the player might also find standard crafting tables and chests filled with ores, ingots, and mining equipment. It's an excellent destination for players in need of ore or coal, but only if their alignment with the Dwarves is favourable, as the high density of Dwarves can easily kill even well-equipped players.

The entire underground portion of the Dwarven mine is lit with glowing Dwarven bricks rather than torches.

Dwarven Mines of the Blue Mountains Edit

Despite there being a completely different brick style for the buildings of the Blue Mountains, the Dwarven Mines that spawn there are made from normal Dwarven Brick rather than those bricks of that dwarven faction.


With their maze of tunnels, navigating these mines can be very difficult, even if you have good sense of direction. A good way to navigate these mines is to place signs and torches at the intersections, to indicate the way out.