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The Dwarven tower is a large structure that spawns in the Iron Hills and the Erebor biome since beta 27, towering over the rest of the landscape. They are guarded by stubborn fearless Dwarven Warriors and Dwarf Axe-Throwers, and contain enough food and drink for an army of Hobbits. Three banners of Durin's Folk can be found at the bottom of the tower and two at the top.

The towers will spawn more Dwarves to replace lost ones if necessary. The entire structure is lit up with glowing Dwarven bricks.


The Dwarven tower consists of eight floors and a rooftop. Inside are Dwarven crafting tables, Dwarven forges, plates of food (most likely meat of some sort), barrels filled with Dwarven tonic and/or Dwarven ale, and often a large chest (containing Dwarven equipment, compasses, mugs, etc.)

Within every tower dwells a Dwarf commander, who usually is found on the rooftop (though he tends to wander around). The Dwarf Commander stands watch over the land, ready to defend it at all costs. If you have a Durin's Folk alignment of +200 or greater, you can hire an army of dwarves, fully armed and ready for war.


Dwarf Shield.png  The Dwarves of Durin's Folk  Dwarf Banner.PNG

NPCs: Dwarf (Axe Thrower, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: CommanderMerchantMinerSmith
Items: Armour (Trimmed, Boar) • EquipmentMarriage Ring
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableDoorForge
Structures: HouseMine (Ruined) • SmithyTower (Ruined)