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Very soon Bilbo was laid down, trembling with fear, on a wide shelf of rock on the mountain-side. There was no path down on to it save by flying; and no path down off it except by jumping over a precipice.

The Hobbit, Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

Eagle's Eyrie is a geographical feature, located on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains and is also near to the Vales of Anduin. It is located in the Misty Mountains Foothills region, a sub-biome of the Misty Mountains. It is located by the corresponding waypoint.

As of Public Beta 25, a snow-capped peak always spawns at the corresponding waypoint. This is the most likely area in which a planned feature, Eagles, will spawn in the far future.

As the mountain is quite steep and rocky, the surface of the peak is rather barren, however certain trees may spawn at its base.

Eagles' Eyrie from above.

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